The Phonesex sissy I’m proudest of right now!


The sissy did it, I’m so proud of you girl!  You followed your assignment to the “t”.  sissy went to the adult book store with the “secret” reading rooms (lol). 

The little faggot was the star of the show.  she told me how she wore her favorite short skirt and mid-drift blouse.  No garters but thigh high stockings, little slide on mules.  she unlocked her window and the window next to her.  she said soon someone came into the booth by her and she saw him “jacking that big ole cock“  ( I laughed when I heard her say that)  she was soon directed to  open the “glory holebetween them and suck. 

she’s so good at following demands that I gave her an even greater task.  Stay tunned, video at 11.    lol!

Tickled Tortured Phonesex sissy are you ready for Eve’s new game?

Goddess Eve loves to torment sissy boys

I promise I won’t tickle you anymore I just want to show you a new game Goddess loves to play. Oh now cum on sissy don’t be a baby it won’t hurt a bit.

Before we get started we need to get you dressed again…stop whining and arguing you want to look pretty don’t you sissy boy!

Our next game will convene in the front yard for the entertainment of my neighbors.  Cum on stop stalling and get out of the closet sissy.

Bet you are wondering what the game will be slut…well sissy boy Goddess Eve is challenging you to a erotic wrestling match. 

Ah now don’t run away you big sissy baby…got you by the panties throwing you face down on the ground.  That was way to easy you weak little sissy boy!  Goddess Eve always has the upper hand when it comes to wrestling a pathetic little sissy slut.

Ready for round 2 sissy boy!


Girlfriend for all those little sissy boys!

Hi, I’m the new girl on the block. I am meeting so many new people and the girls here are just awesome. So many interesting people visit our site and I really enjoy talking with them. And, I just love sissy boys!

As a matter of fact, I would really like to talk with all you little sissy boys! We could share our favorite places to shop and how you like to cross dress. You can tell me how you are doing with your training and all the things you have learned. And I would love to see all your frilly little panties. I know you want to reach total feminization and I have a few secrets to share with you. We can practice you being a little sissy maid so you can become the best little sissy slut! Call me and teach me about your world and I can share secrets that are just for super girlie girls!

I can’t wait….I do love to chat with my little sissy girlfriends….just ask for Cindy Rae….I’ll be waiting!



Milf Maggie loves to turn sissy boys into girlie girls Phonesex

Milf Maggie loves sissy boy fun

Hello all you sissy boys,  Milf Maggie wants to turn you into girlie girls!

You say your not girlie enough,  Milf Maggie can fix that for you!  You need lessons in girlie girl ways.  Cum and visit with Milf Maggie and I promise when you leave you be transformed into the perfect sissy girlie girl.


A Sissy phone call with Casey

Alright sissy boy, pull those hose up and get the seams stright.  Stick those tits out and strut your stuff, lol.  I want to hear how they talk about your ass as you bend over to do what you do best…suck cock.  I want to hear how they talk about how you love it up the ass; and how they love to blow cum all over your faggot face.

Gimmie a call


Phonesex Barbie wants to do girlie things sissy

Play Dress up sissy with Barbie Doll

A silly sissy called Barbie the other day wanting sissy training!
Barbie don’t do that you silly sissy.
Barbie wants to play dress-up and turn you into a  pretty sissy girlie.
Maybe we can go to mall and spend all you money sissy. 
Lets get out our Barbie dolls and play house.
Barbie wants to do girlie things sissy.


Sissy Panty Slut Servant Phone Sex

I’m looking for the perfect sissy. Obedient, playful, sexy, fun, and kinky. I need a sissy that loves to please. I need a sissy that loves to serve. I need a sissy wearing pretty pink panties. I need a sissy who loves to stay on her knees! Hehe. I need a sissy that knows their worth! I’m going to use you little sissy. And make you so pretty!



Hey sissy get out of Barbie’s panty drawer Phonesex

Sweet Barbie Doll loves to play with sissy boys

Sweet Barbie Doll was so surprised to see the little sissy with her face buried in her panty drawer.  Hey sissy what you doing with my panties?  Why are you wearing my favorite pretty pink panties?  Ohhh my you look so pretty sissy in my panties.  Turn around and let Barbie see…giggles…your hot sissy!

Want to play dress-up sissy?


Sissy Shopping Phone Sex

Hi sissy girls and boys! It’s time to go summer shopping! I have a new list of sexy items for you to go out and buy! You will be an obedient sissy and go shopping for each item I specify. I know your checkbook and little sexy body are ready to find the hottest outfits out there for My prettiest sissies to wear in order to please Me. I want to see you looking very sexy and I know you’re little clitty will get hard hearing what sexy things I want to dress you in before going out with me to have some real fun! I know you want to please me. You wish you were as sexy as me don’t you? Such a dirty slut you are. I will have so much fun with you today. I know I’ll play with you soon! Bye sissy!

Miss Peach


The Illustrious Ms. Randi Phonesex



The sluts in My stable know Me, they know Me well.  So when one of them decides to misbehave they are ready for My administrations!

sissy francine is just that slut !  Not paying attention to My demands, she decided to give herself a nite out on the town. 🙁

Dressed in her fine hosiery, a slutty teeny tiny skirt barely covering her sissy ass, the slut went out on her own !  Now without Ms. Randi there to guide her, as usual she got herself into one fine mess.

Showing up at My door at 4 in the morning, with cum dripping out of every hole in the little bitches body !  she has the nerve to come to Me for forgiveness and some comfort !

Well I was not alone, so to show the little bitch her wrongs, I pulled her by the hair to My waiting bedroom and introduced her to the two studs that had been keeping Me entertained for the nite.  I made her crawl over to them, and start to service them both !  I allowed them to use that slut, making her gag on their big cocks, and then violating that pussy of hers until she begged Me to ask them to stop.  Did I ?  Not likely, they stopped when they were ready, not her.

Perhaps next time the little slut will remember that Mistress really only has her best interests at heart, and will look after her for all of her needs.

After all, she is only good for sucking and fucking.

Ms. Randi