Involuntary Gender Transformation Phonesex

Involuntary Gender Transformation Phonesex

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You’re now standing before me, ready to accept the fate that I’ve chosen for you. You realize that it’s too late to change your mind. There’s absolutely no possibility of talking yourself out of this one. Your involuntary gender transformation is happening now. This is the right choice. This is the best choice because I made the decision for you.

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Boyfriend Turned ABDL Sissy Phone Sex


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I used to date a guy that was secretly an ABDL. Whenever he upset me, I would force him to wear diapers but I slowly took it further as time went on. I caught him looking at Sissy Hypno videos one night so I knew he also had a secret sissy side. I knew that he was going to be my adorable sissy baby girl whether he liked it or not.

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You are such a sissy phone sex

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I have decided what you need. You are such a sissy mess that you really need is my help and that of another of my sexy girls to assist us. You need the two of us together. Do you realize how rare that is? That you are such a sissy that you require two dommes to get you in working proper order.

This can be very fun though. As it is two girl May and we are having a friendly competition. We wish to see who can gather the most two girl calls for the whole month. I know you want your mistress to be happy.

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Alyssa’s An Undeniable Sissy Phone Sex


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There is no use in trying to deny it. You and I both know what you really are. You can try to pretend you are a normal man. You can even hide your girly ways but it always comes through doesn’t it? You can’t hide the sissy part of you. It wants to come out. It needs to come out.

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Tom’s Sissy Trap Training Phone Sex


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When you look in the mirror are you disgusted by what you see? Do you imagine that you are actually a petite female? Soft complexion and great tits? A tight, little pussy? That’s your dream, isn’t it?

Once a soft, curvy, hourglass figure was only for actual females, but now days you can actually be trained to be a passable “trap”. What is a “sissy trap”? It’s a boy who looks so feminine that he can pass for a she. He can trap a hetero male into thinking he’s with a real girl.

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Honey’s Informing His Wife Phone Sex


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He told me he was so sick of dealing with his cold and frigid wife. She didn’t understand him. She never had. When he met me he was at a very low point. He said he felt dejected and misunderstood. I told him that he just needed to do it. He needed to go through a total transformation. He should just take the plunge and live full time as a female.

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Willow’s A New Direction For Sissy Phone Sex


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I have so many sissies vying for my attention. You know how needy and energy draining a sissy can be. They need constant attention and reassurances. No one has a more fragile ego than a sissy boy – well, maybe a middle-aged married man, LOL.

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I Dream of a Wife Phone Sex

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I how I love reverse traditional gender rolls.  My naughty little secret is that I dream of having a 50’s style wife.  A loving sissy wife whom will do everything I ever desired and wanted.  I want a wife whom will do everything around the house and then when I come home, I get to fuck her.

As per what I would allow her?  I would allow her to have a part-time job so that she had some spending money.  She would get up early in the morning and make me breakfast and have my tea and paper ready for me.  My lunch would be fixed and ready.  It would even make my day if she would slip in a note saying how much she admired me. 

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Cock Crazed Faggot Freak Phonesex with Sex Kitten Lyric

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You can pretend to be a man with your wife or gf.  You can pretend to be a man at work, in the office, you’re even the big CEO of a huge company.  But to me, you are nothing but a pathetic cock sucking, cum hungry sissy faggot.  You can fool the entire universe by hiding and putting on different masks.  But reality is, you’re a panty wearing cock sucking sissy faggot whore.

You need a hot and fiesty lil sex kitten like me to fuck you up and bring you to reality and point you in the right direction.  With me, I will fucking ruin you and destroy every ounce of fucking man there is left in you.  There isn’t much, but whatever is left, I will fucking ruin it and destroy it.  You don’t deserve pussy. 

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The Feminization Of Aaron Stanford Phonesex Part 1

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Aaron was a teen boy obsessed with girls. He constantly went online, ogling girls and objectifying them daily. The poor boy was anchored to the computer, compelled to look at breasts and short skirts. His mother grew very concerned about his copious use of the internet, and the dangers that exist from boys going girl crazy. Mom decided they should go to a family counselor that came highly recommended.

At the therapist’s office, Aaron found himself shamed for dehumanizing girls. His mother stated her concerns about the amount of time he spent looking at girls, and how that would affect his future relationships with women. The therapist put her plan into action and told Aaron’s mother that he was to dress like a girl while using the internet to “curb his objectifying ways.”


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