Rimming His Ass Phonesex

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I spend most of my days with sissies and faggots. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely way to spend my time, but I like a bit of a challenge. I love to find straight men who are convinced they don’t like cock. Guys who’d never consider getting a rimming from a shemale.

Everyone likes cock, no matter what they say. It’s a fact that just can’t be denied. Cocks symbolize strength and power; they deserve to be worshiped and pleased. You cock lovers reading this right now are probably panting an agreement. Maybe at one point in your life, you were convinced you were straight and struggling to deal with the fact that you were curious about what a cock tastes like.

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Before It’s Too Late Phonesex

Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

One of my best guy friends invited me to his Christmas-themed wedding. It’d been years since I’d seen him, but when he came to pick me up from the airport, it was like no time had passed at all. We were right back into the swing of things. Joking and teasing like we used to. It reminded me how comfortable I was around him and how sexy he was.

I met his bride at the rehearsal dinner, and she was cute. She seemed kind and all, but something felt wrong. Seeing him again after all this time reminded me how good we could be together. I tried to shake off the feeling and stay in my lane, but by the end of the night, I knew something would have to happen. I couldn’t let him go through with this wedding without telling him how I felt. Something had to be done before it was too late!

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Mommy’s Weekend to Take Her Son’s Virginity Phonesex with Feisty Felicity


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He’d always be Mommy’s boy.

Rain pounded against the windowpane. Pushed sideways by the harsh wind of the North Carolina shore. I watched as my beautiful boy used his jacket to cover the head of the small female he intended to introduce to me this weekend. My sweet, sensitive boy had only just begun to date, and I intended to stop that as soon as possible.

He’d soon see I was the only woman he’d ever need in his life. He’d forever be mommy’s boy.

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Shaving My Pussy Phonesex

Nude Kayla cumsalot cups her breasts and looks down at her slender body.

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For the last month, he hasn’t allowed me to shave or trim my pubic hair. It’s been tough for me because I love the feeling of my smooth, freshly shaven pussy lips. However, I promised him I wouldn’t touch it when he requested I leave it alone. Now that it’s grown out a little, I can’t keep my fingers off it. I find myself putting my hands in my pants while watching tv or scrolling on my phone to tease my fingers through the swatch of soft hair.

He came over today with a wicked gleam in his eyes. I knew I was in for something fun when he lifted a spreader bar and instructed me to get undressed. I got naked quickly, and he placed a towel down on the bed. He positioned me on top of the towel and then opened my eyes and secured the spreader bar between my ankles. I knew it was past time for some fun shaving play.

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If Only You Were Me Phonesex

Blue lingerie displayed over two BBC dildos

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-332-2639 x 357

If only you were me, you could receive gifts like this too. I know you cock-hungry, faggot sluts are drooling over this picture. A wonderful caller sent me this sexy as fuck lingerie set and two big, black dildos to practice with. These are the things every girl needs.

When you call and tell me to train you and make you more like me, these are the things I expect you to have ready—one thick and long dildo for you to suck on. I want to hear you deep throating that big old dick, so I know you’ll be a good girl for me when I pimp you out.

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Willow’s Sissy Transformation Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

“Let’s just get rid of it, once and for all.” I told him. “It’s not like it does anything for you anyway and you know you want to be a real girl. He just giggled and looked down at the floor. “Look slut, I want you to finally be who you were always meant to be. That means doing away with that cock and getting a vagina. Just think how much fun you will have.”

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Tom The Sissy Trainer Phone Sex

brunette man muscular body

TOM 1-844-332-2639, ext. 342

Are you a complete flamer? Prissy and feeling full of yourself? You need a real man like me to force you to realize your place. That’s right – on your fucking knees serving me. I see that look in your eyes when you think I’m not paying attention. How your eyes drink me in and you start to imagine how my cock would feel in your mouth and how good my cum must taste.

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Kayla – A Dark Retelling of Repunzel Phonesex

Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

(Part Five)

Not even a day had passed before the huntsman returned to the tower. He had tasted the ripest fruit and wanted more. He had thought long and hard about how he would take Kayla away from the tower and make her his bride. Then, finally, he called to her to let her hair down, and the beautiful red hair appeared.

He climbed with gusto, and at the sill, he swooped what he thought was his girl into his arms. His lips met hers before he could sweep her hair out of her face, and at the touch of those wrinkly lips, he knew things had gone awry.

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Alyssa’s Anal Initiation & Fisting Phone Sex


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Does that boy pussy need to be trained? I am just the anal trainer you need. Whether it involves various sizes of dildos or even my fist, I will have that ass. We will begin with a standard progression of inserting larger and larger items into that boy pussy. Your little brown star will be gaping open. That’s when it’s time for a good fisting.

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Scrotox Phonesex

Blonde transexual thinking about scrotox.

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Do you get jealous when your wife goes out for her spa day with her girlfriends? She comes home with lip injections and botox fillers. I can tell how badly you want to be apart of the fun. You don’t have to be jealous anymore because I’m going to bring you an at-home procedure that will make you feel like a more complete sissy slut.

Scrotox! You heard me right. Botox for your scrotum. That flappy thing has been looking so wrinkly and deflated lately, it’s no wonder she doesn’t want to see you naked. If you can’t be a woman with a pretty little pussy, the least you could do is make your sissy sack look fantastic.

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