New sissy, or curious about being a sissy phone sex

Are you new to being a sissy? A closet sissy, or just a man who has noticed that the thought

of becoming a woman turns you on? You must be extremely shy and excited about it then!

Don’t worry, that is natural!! Soon you will become the superior of the sexes! I can teach you

everything you need to know! From hair, to makeup, to attracting women and men!! Give me

a call, and let Princess Taylor teach you how to become the best sissy that you can! No need

to be shy with me!!

~Princess Taylor


Wearing Your Mother/Sisters Panties Phone Sex

Hey all you slutty, kinky sissies!! I have something super nasty that

I want you to do for me during our next call!! I want you to go through

one of your female family members panty drawers, and find the sluttiest

pair you can, and put them on!!! Then you will call me, and I’m going to make

you sit in front of the mirror with them on, and massage your little clitty in them

until you explode all inside of them, making a big creamy cum filled mess!! Then

I’m going to make you walk around in them for a couple of hours, so you can see what

it feels like for a woman to be fucked, and then drip cum all day!!! What you do with them

next is my little dirty secret. Call me to find out!!!!

~Princess Taylor


Desires and phonesex wishes

Hello you sweet naive boys! I am Miss Cordelia, I hope that we can begin a true friendship. A true friendship of closeness and intimacy. *grins* That’s right boys and girls, if you want to know what I mean, I enjoy everything from anal sex , to oral sex, to down right dirty sex in general. I can be on top or on the bottom. Just remember when you cum to play with me, what surprise I may have for you between my legs, and I also have no taboos, and love to role-play any sick and twisted phone-sex fantasy or sexual fetish that you have in store for me.
Yours Truly,

New Phonesex Contest Winners – Read All About It!

A new week brings new contest winners!

Congratulations go out to two lucky voters.

1rst place winner is *LawyerInLingerie* he has won a free 15 minute call to use on the lady of his choice.

2nd place winner is *Zerk* he has won an extra 5 minutes to add to a paid call with the lady of his choice.

If you want to enter our contest to have a chance at being next weeks winner, join us in the chat room and we’ll tell you how! New winners drawn every Sunday!

Specialties include: GFE (Girlfriend Experience), Romantic Lovemaking, Sensual Tease, Girl Next Door, Best Friend Sex, Intelligent Conversation, Story-Telling, Roleplaly, Sissy Girls, Pantyhose Lovers/Panty Boys, Guided Masturbation, Pillow Talk

Cuddly Carly

More About Carly

Personal Phonesex Hygiene

Ok my sweet Sissy boy’s we are going to learn about Personal Hygiene for girls. That’s right, if your going to start acting girlie your gonna look, and dress and feel like a girlie. After all lessons are complete. so the first lesson will be in Personal Hygiene and Preparation. Remember even though most women don’t sweat as much as men, women are advised to use deodorizers in the morning after bathing. Wear light and cool clothing as much as possible, especially when it’s not too cold out. So this means you will need to go buy a female deodorant like Dove, secret, something that is soft and girlie smelling. if you do this it will place you in the right frame of mind of being girlie right? ~giggles~ Also the trick is to wear cool clothing as much as possible to prevent unnecessary sweating. The body smells when it sweats and it’s an uncomfortable feeling altogether. The less you sweat, the fewer germs you need to scrub from your body when you shower in the morning. If you want Miss Brandi to wash you and show you what its like then you will need to call me so I can give you more tips on Personal Hygiene and Girlie things!.

Your Personal Hygienist,

Wigs And Phonesex Heels

I just love dressing up my sissy slut. Making her into my own personal fuckable barbie doll. I love wigs and sexy lingerie. I don’t want to just stop there though. I want to shave you, put you in heels and a slut outfit. Do your makeup and spray you with perfume.

Then I’m going to take you out and we’re going to have a night on the town. Clubbing and seeing how many guys we can get to buy you a drink. How entertaining to fool them into thinking you’ve got a real pussy.

I might have to fuck that pussy with my strapon once we get home. Turn your ass into a cunt.



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Sassy Milf Phone Sex

Phone Sex Prizes Make Me Wet

Congratulations go out to our sexy winners of this weeks prizes! For those of you who are new around here, each week we draw winners on Sundays and those lucky guys win something special. Want to know how you enter? All you have to do is join us in the chat room and one of our ladies will instruct you on how to vote and enter yourself. The more you vote, the more times you are entered!

Our 1rst place winner is: sissy_cheergurl_ashley

They have won a FREE 15 minute call with the lady of their choice!

Our 2nd place winner is: kelly

They have won 5 extra FREE minutes added to a paid call with the lady of their choice!

Congratulations guys, and thanks for voting for the hottest phone sex ladies on the net!

April-Listen To My Voice


April Loves Sissy Sluts

Filthy Kink Phone Sex

Oral Fun Phonesex

I had a wonderful call with a very oral sissy. She was all dressed-up for me, and kneeling for me. All she wanted to do was to please me with her tongue. I was very gracious and allowed her to. I leaned back in my chair and sit my ass to the edge, parting my legs so she had easy access.

Let me tell you, she was very good. She tongued me from clit to asshole and made me cum over and over again. I hope she calls again soon, or other orally fixated sissy’s call me, I had so much fun I can’t wait to do it again.

Princess Ashley


Cat fighting sissies phonesex


I have the honour of announcing this weeks winner of our phone sex contest! 

Congrats to sissycheergirlashley!

I love when two delectable sissies, dressed up in their sluttiest outfits cat fight for a stud of Mine!  I love watching them wrestle to see who gets the honor of being the first to suck that cock or get their pussy rammed!  I will sit back and enjoy a cool cigarette and watch the fun while stroking that rock hard cock…waiting to see who will be #1 in My books.

Mistress Sheila

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