Sissified Phonesex

Hiya everyone. Got a hot little call from B yesterday. B is a naughty lil panty boy, that I made him get all dressed up for me. Lil panties and stockings too. hehehehehehehehe. But you know what he got to do, was play with my little pussy while he got harder and harder in those lil panties. And he got those lil panties of his really dirty. hehehehehehehee. You got some lil panties to wear for me too?





or call me up @ 1-888-803-5356


Body Worship Phonesex

Hello all! This is your Goddess Melanie. The one with the perfect body for you to worship. I mean look at me, I know you think so too. You should get the phone in your hand and get on your knees to worship my perfect ass too. Come you know you want to, get on the phone 1-888-822-1443






sissy maid Phonesex

Hello Slut;

Dress pretty for Me, tonite you belong to Me!  Tonite your going to entertainment Me…
but not only Me, bitch, your going to be the highlight of My party!

A pretty sissy maid uniform complete with the stockings, and pretty apron.

It won’t only be cocktails your serving tonite, it will be cocks too! 

Suck them for Me dear, please them. Make sure they want to cum back for more.