Let’s have some dress-up phonesex

There’s nothing like making you put on that short crotchless teddy……those legs shaved,covered with flesh colored stockings.  I love taking you to the local adult book/video store.  Watching you flirt around….begging for cock at the glory hole.  All the boys know you as the best lil’ cock sucker around.  Wrap your mouth around that thick cock, show me how you got the name as the best.



Phonesex-sissy style!

Cuckold Goddess Eve loves sissysluts

When you cum to play at Eve’s house you better cum prepared sissy boy! 

you must be wondering what do i need to bring when i play with Eve?
Let me make you a list

Number one -  your best manners – know this slut, Eve frowns on rude behavior.  your Cuckold Goddess Eve believes and practices cbt on all pathetic losers.

Number two -  All those favorite pretty things.  Panties are not optional – make sure you are wearing them before you pick up the phone.

Number three -  Have all your favorite toys at hand and be prepared to retrieve all the items  Eve demands needed to torment that pathetic small dick slut!

It’s pretty simple sissyboys be ready when you cum to Cuckold Goddess Eve’s sissy style phonesex session.  Eve’s hot nasty phonesex experience.

Phonesex chat with Eve, sissyslut if you dare!




Mistress Tiffany is Back with a Vengenance Phone Sex – sissy sluts be forewarned


You have been officially warned.  I am back and will take no prisoners!  Your ass will be mine one way or another!

I will tease you with my dripping cunt, my firm breasts and my tight asshole.   Making your cock throb and your balls clentch tight.  I may slap your cock around a bit or maybe grab those balls tight and massage them till your scream for release!

If your cock does not please me be prepared to my sharp tongue to taunt you and demean your lil prick.  I will humiliate you before, during and after you cum…. IF I let you cum! (giggles)

Mistress Tiffany





Sissy Phonesex

WOW!! I caught you again sissy in my shoes… What do you think Miss Amber should do  about  this?? If you were a  good sissy I might reward you…empty that bag and show me what else you have of mine! Now’s time for you to confess all your dirty lil secrets you’ve been hiding from me – Call me at once!!



Pretty British Phonesex

Hello pet;

I trust you are dressed pretty for Me?!

I prefer My sissy, pansy little girls dressed in something frilly and slutty all wrapped up into one!

you know luv, I have had lots of experience with “your sissy kind”, and really get very wet, and excited at the thought of transforming you, from the good little prissy girl, to the wild, wanton, sissy slut that is waiting inside.

Have you received any training as yet, pet?  Well, it certainly hasn’t been My kind of sissy training I can assure you of that! *chuckle*

Give me a ring luv, and let Me see what I have to work with in you!

Ta for now

Madame Libby



Little Sexy Dress Phonesex

I have four of my favorite outfits layed out waiting on you sissies to call me. I want you to try each one of them on and model them for me. When I find the one that you look so hot in that will be the one for the night. I will get you all dolled up making you look like the sexy sissy slut in town.

Once we are all done I want you to meet my boyfrind. I want you to get on your knees and suck his cock like you always dreamed of doing. I want you to tell me how that pre-cum taste. When he is done with you sucking his cock I want you to let him bend you over and slide his cock inside of your tight little pussy. I want you to sit back and enjoy the ride that he gives you. And when he fills your pussy with his cum I might let you release your.    




Take that cock you sissy phonesex


Hi girlies,

I know what you crave. You want a nice innocent looking girl to pound a big strap on cock right up your little pussy. Well maybe you have changed your mind but its too late. My cock is already sliding into you and i’m not going to stop. Can you feel me deep inside you? I want to hear you squeal like a pig. Beg me to stop if you want, I don’t care. If I really want to have some fun I’ll grab my friend Mike. He loves shoving his cock down the throat of sissies. Making them swallow his cum like little sluts. I know you want to suck that cock baby. Your secret’s safe with me. Well, that is as long as you stay in line. I record every session just in case you decide to get bitchy with me. I’ll show your friends and family what a big cumslut you are. I’ll tell them about how you wear panties to work and pantyhose around the house when your wife is out. You will be humilated. But don’t worry, as long as you are a nice obedient slut your secret will be safe.



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So you want to play dress-up? Ive been waiting on you. I love dressing up my little sissy slut and then pimping him out. my favorite part is that I get to do what I want to with you first. Then everyone else can see what a sissy whore you are.
and if you dont want to go along along with the idea at first I will force you to be sissy slut we all know you are.
So if you are ready to be my sissy slut go grab your dress clothes and make up and I am going to grab my strap-on and we will play.
p.s. If you are really good I might let you wear my boots.

Strapon Phone sex and Forced Feminization

OK sissys, its time to feel my strapon being forced in that boy pussy of yours, don’t think you can hide from me, you will suck my strapon and then feel me force it inside of you.

I will turn you into the femimine girl you dared to dream of being.  No more hiding in dark corners of your mind, cum sluts will swallow everything they are given, every last drop must be swallowed.  You will know the meaning of extreme when I’m through with you.  You will thank me for forcing you to be the cock sucking slut you really are.




Phone Sex with a Shemale who has the whole Package

Are you ready for the real thing, a real cock to suck?  After I show you how to dress up like me I’ll show you off to my friends, every hole of your will be filled, no more wondering what it would be like to have a cock inside of you.

If your shy its ok, sometimes forced feminization is required.  Can you feel your head being pulled by your hair, shoved onto a huge cock with veins that bulge nice and big.  Cum sluts can finally have what they’ve been craving, panty boys can learn to look like me

Its time to try the real thing, Me