A Forced Femme Phone sex call

I have to laugh thinking how sure he was that he was a “man”.  I took great pleasure in taking what little bit of manhood he had left.  Once I got those ruffle-butt panties on him, he softened right up.  The matching bra was a perfect fit.  Her camisole was next.  The garter belt was on and stockings w/seams.  A lesson was given on how important it was to keep seams straight.  Slipping on the high heels was the step that finally brought the sissy-slut out.  We then sat down and applied the whorish make-up.  She was ready for the night.  And when I get my call back, I will hear how many times she got to suck cock at the glory hole.   (laughs)




Cum And Have Fun With My Sissy Phone Fantasy

Do you want to be my sissy? How about My little girlie sissy bitch? Do you like my red vibrator in the picture? I bet you would love to have it inside your boy pussy? Is your cock getting hard ? Should I even call that thing a cock? I am not going to allow you to cum. Do you understand me? I am going to squeeze your little cock and balls if you even think about cumming. I like it when my sissy dresses  up for me, I like to pull my sissys panties down and take of my sissys bra and force my strap on in that tight little sissy asshole. You had better take it like a a true sissy bitch in the ass. But if your a really good sissy bitch then I will have a room full of men and they will want you to worship and suck on all  of their cocks, You will be a little cum slut sissy. So if you want all of this then you should call me .




Some Great Sissy Phone Fantasy

Are you a Girlie sissy boy? Do you like being a little cum slut, or do you like having a strap on in your tight sissy asshole? Should I call it a boy pussy. Do you like it when I won’t let you cum, Do you  like how I torture your cock and balls. Do you think you can do as I say? I like sissies that are disciplined. Will you let me dress you up like a girl? What if I force you to dress like a girl and make you my little sissy bitch and I make you suck on 2 or 3 cocks. Do you have a small cock? I bet you would love it if I squeeze and laugh at that tiny little clity. I am going to make you into my sissy boy. So I you want to be my sissy then you should give me a call




Mistress Danni plays with Phonesex sissy rachel

Mistress Danni's sissy phonesex

sissy Rachel just wanted to show Mistress how pretty she was all dressed in black.  You’re not pretty sissy rachel you’re a nasty slutty whore. Mistress Danni wants to have some nasty fun with your pathetic little clitty and hot little pussy hole.

So we took an inventory of the toys sissy rachel had on hand today.
8″ dildo, ice cubes, shoe laces, and vapour rub.

Mmmmm…lets torment the sissy!

First of all tie up the little clitty into a tight little package…don’t forget the bow!  Now take those ice cubes and shove them all deep into your hot tight pussy hole…ooops you dropped one get it in there sissy.

Ah now isn’t that nice and chilly sissy boy?

Time to warm you up! 

Rub that vapour rub nice and thick all over your dildo..ooops you missed a spot fix it sissy. It’s time to fuck your throbbing pussy hole and rub your little clitty for Mistress Danni!

Oh my that was a nasty hot cum sissy rachel lets do it again!   


Sissy Boy Christmas Wonderland Phonesex


       lalala … la la la …  la la la … la la la       


Big Balls Swing, are you looking

On the head, cum is glistening

A beautiful sight

You’re happy tonight

Playing in a Sissy Wonderland


Gone away is your shyness

Here to stay is a sissy gurl

You wiggle your ass

As we go along

Walking in a Sissy Wonderland


In the bedroom you can suck a hard cock

Then pretend that he’s your boyfriend


He’ll say: Can you deep throat?

And you;ll say, All the way

Till I gag while wiggling

My prissy lil sissy ass!



Later on, you’ll conspire,

As you dream by the fire

To face unafraid,

The hard cocks you’ve made

While playing in a sissy wonderland!


With the makeup you can build a pretty face,

Paint those pretty lips bright red

You’ll have lots of fun with hard cocks

As you swallow down all the cum!


When they cum, ain’t it thilling,

Though your mouth gets a fillin

You’ll frolic and play, the sissy boy way

While playing in a sissy wonderland





Cock Sucking Phone Sex

My boyfriend wants you to come over and suck his big thick dick and slurp his wet balls into your little sissy mouth. I know you will get on your knees for Me and for him. And you will take his cum into your mouth and swallow it all down.  And you’ll like it. Little slut.



Cock Sucking Sissies 

Sissy Slut Needed for Xmas Phone Sex


I’m looking for the perfect sissy cum slut for the top of My tree this year.  One who will shine and create the perfect glow in My living room and will have no problem fluttering down to serve her Mistress. 

She needs to be beautiful and willing to be used and abused by all who enter My door.  One who will have no problems getting on her knees to satisy My male friends and serve tea and crumpets to the ladies waiting.  She must be willing to show that cute little boy-pussy to all who ask to see.  Take real and strap-on cocks with narry a sound and be Our little stocking stuffer. 

Excel in deep throat blow jobs and cream pies. 

Willing to take cock and ball torture.

Apply to:

Mistress Jackie



A Sissy Phone Sex Fantasy Christmas Party


I am glad you came over . I was waiting for you my little sissy slut. I want you to go upstairs and change your clothes for me. I don’t want you to argue with me . You better do as I say or the punishment will be severe. I have in a bag on the bed a pair of red panties, black thigh hi’s, a short  Santa’s helpers dress. It is red and white and a pair of heels. Now go get changed before the guests come over. All the guests are here and you come down stairs in your out fit. You look like a good little Christmas slut. I  reach my hand in between your legs and feel the panties to make sure you have them on and that they were covering your boy pussy. I want you to walk into the room and see what is waiting for you. You better listen to me. In that room is a bunch of men with hard throbbing cocks who want you to worship  and suck on their cocks . You better do as I say. I mean thats what a good femme bitch does. When your sucking on their cocks I am going to come behind you and give you a special surprise. A big strap on. I am going to push it so far into you little slutty ass. I want you to drink all of the mens cum. Every drop ! Pull your panties down and show off your little boy pussy , your tiny cock. If thats what you can call it. So if your looking for some good holiday sissy fun you should give me a call




Madam Sheila gives great phone sex

sheilanakie.jpg  If you were MY sissy boy, I expect obedience! 

Disobey and there are punishments most dire!  I have clothes pins to sharpen your senses and elastic bands to hold your balls tight.  I want a sissy that i can use and abuse!  Play with that little clit and and bring you to your first orgasm.  Put on My strap on, let you worship properyly. 

Then if you’ve worshipped Me properly, I’ll slid it in your tight little hole, stretching you wide with My big cock.  I will use My vibrators and dildos.  And I won’t forget the anal plugs!  Get ready to swallow My cum and yours.  Listen and Learn! 

Madam Sheila





If you were , I expect ! 

Demanding Teen Princess for Dress-up Phonesex


I am a Demanding Teen Princess Mistress.  And I always get My way so you better let Me or I will ignore you…! 

I love dressing up lil boys and forcing them to take My dildo up their pussy.  If you have limits to the pain and humilitaion I have to give, then you better speak up before we begin or I will not hold back!

I laugh at your little wee wee, that tiny little clitty…no not cock.  And that’s what you have..(giggles) and what do you think you can do with that lil clitty? (giggles) All you can do is tickle, there’s nothing there that I could enjoy.  I need a MAN, and I know you would enjoy My Stud.  Maybe one day I’ll have you suck his cock and get him ready for My pussy and when I’m done he can cum in your mouth and you can clean him up!

Mistress Tiffany