Tale of a Sissy Bitch Phone Sex

Lyric 844-332-2639 x247

You’re a macho man by day and you have fooled everyone with how manly you are.  At work, you run the show, they all listen to you.  At home, you run the show.  You hate it, but they all listen to you.  At the end of the day, this is what society wants you to be.

But behind closed doors, you want something completely opposite.  Behind closed doors, you want someone else to RUN THE SHOW.  Behind the closed doors, you are far from being a manly man and all you want is to be someone’s sissy bitch

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Alyssa’s Sissy Sexting Phone Sex


ALYSSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 202

You love it when I sext you, don’t you? When I tell you how I’m going to pimp you out to random cock. You giggle like a little bitch. You love the idea of it. You are such a little girly whore. I am going to own that boy pussy of yours.

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Morgan’s Sissy Slut Staycation Phone Sex


MORGAN 1-844-332-2639, extension 236

Brad, my sissy slut friend decided to have a “staycation” with his live-in boyfriend Caleb. They invited me over and he had the pool set up like a tropical retreat. I felt like I was stepping into a tropical island. He had invited several of his sissy friends over and they were frolicking in the pool in their “mankinis”.

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Willow’s Sissy Hot Mess Express Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

Girl, you are one hot mess. You can’t decide what to wear out. You want to suck as many cocks as possible but then you freak out at the same time. Either you are a total cum slut or not. What is up girl?

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Sissy Fashion Advice Phonesex

Mistress Collette — 1-844-332-2639 ext 383

When I see you at this one specific store, I know exactly what guys like you really want to be wearing.  You don’t want to be wearing to ugly boys clothes, instead you want to wear something more girlie.  Guess what?  I’m a sexpert in girlie clothing and fashion.  I can take you into the dressing room and give you the exact outfits which you should be trying on.

I will suggest for you exactly what you should try on.  As you’re asking yourself “If I want to be a sissy girl, what exactly do I need for my wardrobe?”  I will let you know exactly what you need. 

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Strap On Phone Sex For A Virgin Sissy

*LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

I’m in the mood to fuck a sissy phone sex slut with a strap on cock. I think it would be fun to bend over a virgin and pop her sissy cherry. I don’t know if I have ever fucked a virgin pussy and it seems like something I need to check off my bucket list. It would be pretty hard for me to be gentle, but I would do my best. Or maybe, if my sissy slut caught me in the right mood, I would have to take her virginity in a pretty rough way.

I guess you’ll have to take your chances when you call me, you dirty girl. Do you think you’re brave enough to get a dildo and then call me so we can fuck your virgin ass? Obviously, if I was there, I’d be pounding you with my strap on cock, but since I’m not, I am going to rely on you to do it for me. And you better do exactly what I tell you to. I know I’m bossy, and I’m not going to apologize for it.

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Vanessa’s Dirty Little Cocksucking Sissy Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

I just love to see a little sissy cum slut come into his own. Wherever it may be. Just seeing him embrace his femininity and lose himself. It’s quite thrilling to witness. Perhaps he is in a men’s restroom on his knees sucking off random guys or at a full on glory hole getting his faggot thrills.

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Willow’s Come Out Come Out Wherever You Are, Sissy Phone Sex


WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

Come out, come out wherever you are… Oh, there you are, sissy boy. Why stay in the closet when what you really want to do is express who you really are. You have tried in vain to hide your sissy tendencies but it hasn’t really worked has it?

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Defiant Sissy Gets Fucked Phone Sex

*LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

I know that all of you sissies think I’m nice and sweet when it comes to your feminization, but that’s not always the case. I want to tell you about the one time I had a difficult sissy. He may have been defiant at first, but by the time I was finished, he was dressed as a she and I’m not ashamed to say that she was trembling with fear.

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Forced Sissy Phone Sex

Lyric    844-332-2639   x247

It should not be a surprise that secretly I have always loved the idea of turning a man into a woman, and doing it using force.  I would want him to know what it feels like for a girl.

Brings back memories… I remember when I was a little girl, my cousin and I made her brother come into our room and somehow forced him into makeup.  The fact that we could make him do it, the expressions on his face. It was nothing else but thrilling.

So now, that almost sadistic love of humiliating a man by taking away his masculinity has grown into a sexual pleasure for me like no other.


So please, cum and step into my sex-crazed world.  If the fantasy of being feminized by force is something that makes your sissy clitty hard, give me a call.

Lyric  844-332-2639   x247