Girlie Phonesex fantasies


Hey guys, or should I say girls,

Guess what my friend Mark asked me? He wanted a pair of my panties, my wet panties. Can you believe that? He wanted me to dress him up in them and teach him how to be a girl. Well, there’s more to being a girl than wearing panties. I have to teach him about bras, makeup, pantyhose, wigs, nail polish, and all that girly stuff. And we can’t forget the art of sucking cocks. Do you want to be like Mark? DO you fantasize about being a sissy? Call me for sizziling sissy phone sex, we’ll have a blast.



1 866 239 2972

Sissy Phone Sex Training With Mistress Melissa

Hi i’m Mistress Melissa and I’m here to help you with all you sissy.If you looking for sissy training and assignements then you came to the right place. I’m here to dress you up and turn you into my sissy slut.And you sissy slut training starts by calling me Mistress Melissa.So pick up the phone and call me.Melissa


Hey sissy boy ready to play dress up phonesex?

I bet you have all your finery about you.  You’ll need stockings,panties,bra and a full length mirror.  After we get you all dressed up we’ll take you out for a strole. You can shake your ass and tell the first guy you see that you’d love to suck his cock.  I’ll instruct you on how to take it like the sissy slut you are.


Phone Sex Training With Mistress Syd

Hi Guy’s I’m Mistress Syd I offer extreme roleplay sessions.I can make you Cry,Whine,Whimper and beg for me to take contral of you.I come ready with my thick 9inch strap on. So If you looking for extreme roleplay session.Then give Mistress Syd a call.