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Bringing Out The Sissy In You

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Bringing out the sissy in you – Aren’t you sick of pretending to be happy with that boring wife of yours? She’s never understood you and never will. Then you met me. Yes, you were at a very low point. You felt dejected and misunderstood. I told you what you needed to do. I only voiced what you had been thinking about in silence for all of those years – a complete sissy transformation.

Of course you were scared and your whole body was shaking at the idea. But I could also hear the excitement in your voice. It was undeniable. Once it started there was no going back. We both knew that from the beginning.

Bringing Out The Sissy In You – Total Feminization

The first step was to leave that stupid wife. I told you to write her a letter explaining that you had always had this inside of you. You needed to let out your inner sissy once and for all. Then we would go through the process Рhormones, surgery. Nothing would be left to chance.

Finally, you would then transform and live your life as a woman. After all of these years, you could be who you were always really meant to be. But first, we should go shopping for lingerie, clothes and pantyhose! You giggled as we browsed the various stores. You even pranced back to the fitting room to show off all of the new lingerie and clothing we picked out.

I always have so much fun with your sissy ass. Dressing you and dolling you up so that he can finally transform into the woman you have always been meant to be. We both know this is your ultimate destiny. Being a sissy bitch is what you’ve always craved and needed. I can make it a reality. Be that sissy bitch.

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, extension 300