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Big Spoon

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Everyone loves to spoon, but most men are forced to be the big spoon. Mostly because men are bigger and stronger. The protector and provider for whomever they are cuddling, but today I’m going to be the one spooning you. We’re going to get naked and climb under the soft bedcovers.

I’ll open my arms and smile as you scoot back against me. Oh, don’t mind that poking against your cheeks. Just a natural reaction when a big spoon feels the little spoon wiggling in to get comfortable. Is it strange for you? Sink into the mattress, sink into me and let go.

Big Spoon


My arms will drape around your waist, allowing my hand to softly rub your chest. How long has it been since someone held you? Not you holding and giving comfort to someone, but some human actually holding on to you? I can tell by the stiffness in your spine it’s been longer than it should be.

I like the way your back feels against my firm breasts. Can you feel the tips of my nips straining against your skin? I bet you can. Just like I bet you can feel how hard my cock has grown. What once was a slight poke is now a hard length dividing your buttcheeks.

If you don’t want anything more to happen, then you should stop wiggling. All that squirming to get comfortable is only making me want you more. I’m a patient girl, I’ll wait till you’re really ready, but until then, I’m going to rock my hips against your rear. Slowly grinding, and don’t think I can’t feel you arching back.

Pretend you don’t want this dick all you want. We both know the truth. For sure, you are seeking comfort, but there is nothing more comforting than being fucked by a girl.


TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349