Submissive Sissy To Your Daughter and Me Phonesex

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Submissive sissy, The only reason I even started dating you was to get to your beautiful daughter. She is stunning and I see in her, so much potential to be a great Dominant Mistress. She only needs me to guide her. Maybe you have noticed how close we are getting. Surely, you have noticed that as we get closer that her attitude towards you has changed too. She’s not quite the adoring little daddy’s girl she used to be. And yet somehow watching her become more demanding and assertive feels right. Dominant women have ever been your preference.

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Welcome To My Gothic Sissy Dolly Nightmare Fantasy Phonesex

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For our third date, you receive a text telling you to meet me at Elvira’s Tea Room. Arriving at the address, you look at the worn, weather-stained, wooden door and curiously press it open. Inside is a beautiful Gothic little girl’s tea room. Lacy table clothes with soft pink bows on each swag hanging around the table. Crisp white linen, drapes the table under the lace, all the way to the floor. The walls are a cream and black, vintage velvet patterned stripe wallpaper. Black leather covered dainty little chairs tuck under the edge of the tables.

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Discovering The Secrets You Are Hiding Phonesex

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You can’t hide your secret any longer. Your wife said I could drop by your house to pick up the punch bowl I needed to borrow. Whenever I used her key to open the door I certainly got an eye full! There you are sitting on the couch leaned back with a dildo down your throat. But that’s not all, is it? You also happened to be wearing the slutty lingerie that I got her for her birthday as a gag gift. I guess I just didn’t realize you would be the one gagging in it!

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Sadie’s Sissy Maid Service Phonesex

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In the first place, Sadie’s Sissy Maid service offers the highest quality sissy slaves. Every morning there is a roll call. Every sissy maid reports to my office for their inspection and preparation before receiving their assignment for the day.

The duties of a qualified sissy slave are many and varied. Most of my gurls are in chastity cages to ensure that my control. Certainly what the client chooses to use them for is up to them. As a general rule, however, I find that sissy maids perform optimally when their pleasures are severely limited.

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Are You Playing In Mommy’s Panties Phonesex

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There was a silence in the house that sends every mother’s suspicion soaring. Things were just a little too quiet. Making my way through the house I listened for any hint of where my son might be playing. His room was empty. Maybe he had gone outside? Then I heard the sound of my dresser drawer opening. That little sneak!

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Feminization Hypnosis Phonesex For Fun And Profit

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My date laughed when the beautiful hypnotist told him she was using feminization hypnosis on him tonight. Then, she pulled him up on stage, and she kept her promise. Right in front of my eyes, I watched as my date became a slutty, cock hungry bimbo. At first, I thought he must be playing along with her. But when she had him crawl across the floor towards the woman hypnotized to think she had a huge cock, then there was no doubt that that was not the case.

Not only did he crawl to the strapon cock the woman was thrusting and wiggling at him, but in a voice, high and girly, he lovingly caressed his oversized balloon tits at her. Then gyrating on the floor, in front of her, proclaimed how much he wanted to give her the best blowjob she had ever seen. The crowd was laughing at the hungry sincerity with which he was licking his lips staring at her big dick.

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Forced Feminization Is The Only Way Phonesex

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“You can’t force me to dress like a woman!” You say in protest as I fasten the bra behind your back.

“The Hell I can’t! Whose fault is it that we even have to have this meeting with Mr. Johnson?” I pull the sleeves up your arms and forced the zipper up squeezing your rib cage tightly.

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Sissy Hypnosis: The Phonesex Bully Cure

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The sissy hypnosis punishment of my friend’s son’s bully began this way. Walking up along my friend’s driveway, I couldn’t help but notice her son was sitting in his car crying. My heart broke for him immediately, he is such a good boy. Tapping on the window I asked him what was wrong. Of course, he at first said that nothing was wrong but it was hardly believable with his tear stained eyes and red nose.

Slipping into the passenger’s side, eventually, I was able to get him to tell me that a boy from his school had been picking on him. This bully took every opportunity to humiliate and harass him. Then and there I decided that I was not going to let this pass. Somehow, some way I would make him stop.

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Teaching My Sexy Girls A Sexy Sissy Lesson Continues

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Kayla’s Training Began Here

My fingers grazed the bare skin of Evelyn’s back up under the heavy fall of the long hair of her wig and firmly grasped her by the back of the neck and guided her to her knees before my young goddess. The rasping breathy moan Evelyn released at being eye to eye with the hard heavy member had my pussy trickling excited juices down my thigh.

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Cross-Dressing Behind Closed Doors Phonesex

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No one else knows. Not that my lover is a cross-dressing sissy, nor that I love it. From the outside looking in one would think that we were the classic American Barbie and Ken type of couple. Truthfully they are not that far off, but I suspect that they assume I am the Barbie and he the Ken. Once the doors close for the evening it is exactly the reverse. Well, he becomes more Barbie anyway.

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