Sissy field trip phonesex

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It is time my dear for a sissy field trip. We are going to explore something new today. You know how much I love to mix and match different kinks and fetishes. That I believe that fetishes and kinks are an all you can eat buffet. However, going to a buffet and eating only one thing would be a waste.

No at a buffet you pile your plate full of all different items never just one thing only and never only one thing at a time. My sissy kinky girly loves to dress for me. You enjoying the public display of humiliation that you feel when forcing you to allow others to see you dressing like the sissy you are.

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Your sissification process phonesex

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You have now made it to the next step of your sissification process. I will admit you have done well thus far. When you first came to me a married man with a family this was not odd as others have come to me the same.

Though I was skeptical that you would be able to reach the levels of sissy that I strive for as you seemed very closed off and only wanting to dabble in certain things you thought of as taboo coming from a straight lace background.

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New sissy task phone sex

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You are going to perform a new sissy task for me today. I have another client of mine who just loves to put a sissy in her right full place. This works for me as I enjoy watching him do so. You have been a bit needy as of late and I do believe you need a small reminder of what I expect from you and your sissy lifestyle.

I will dress you as I please. He prefers to have you dressed up as a slutty girly so that is what we will be doing. To place you in a ruby red flowing nighty with some matching stockings to match. With white garters to make everything pop.

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Be like me phonesex

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You wish to be like me. Emulate me. Be the great woman that I am. Well, this is just not going to happen. However, do not despair my frilly pretty girl. I can make you the best of the best kind of sissy. The kind that knows her place is beneath me yes.

Though you can still be filled with grace. You must be honest with me now though. I have gone through your wardrobe and Iย know what you own and what you like to wear the most. I have also seen the pictures that you thought you could hide from me.

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Proud confident woman phonesex

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You want to be like me yes? A proud confident woman. Though you know you can not. You are stuck as you are a sissy prissy. You will never be like I am but something we do share is our love of heels. When you come to me you always take great care in the heels you have picked out.

I have noticed that you care more about them then you do what else you are wearing. I always notice the way you look at mine when I walk in. Your eyes always go right to them. You almost drool for them as your clitty gets hard.

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Slutty little buddy phone sex

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Prissy little missy. Slutty little buddy. Sissy faggot loser. Cuntless little troll. Clitty no titty. Boy-pussy sissy. Pussy missing slut. Girly frilly bitch. Girly little whore. Submissive fuck kitten. Cummy sissy faggot. Bustless cockless slut. Unwanted sissy bitch.

Walking cum dumpster. Cum soaked rag. Faggy cum catcher. Bitch boy sissy. Worthless sissy cummer. Loser sissy slut. Pathetic sissy sub. Pretty little girly. Slutty teasing flirt. Wrong-way Wendy. Backward feeling whore. Back door Betty. Bent over whore. Do you want more? What are you?

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The sissy slut phone sex

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You have expressed to me your longing to be free. To finally be able to express yourself as the sissy slut that you truly are. Your fear of judgment stops you. The fear of what others may think of you is enough to make you hesitate.

You made a mistake though. You in our last session told me how though it frightens you to no end of someone find out and see you as the sissy you are that makes your clitty tingle. This brought me to think about something.

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Domme sadist mistress phonesex

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There you are, my dear. I knew that you would come back to me. You can not stay away from your domme sadist mistress, can you? No that was a rhetorical question. I already know the answer to this. Of course, you can not.

You are my sissy slut girl. My sissy slut with a twist. A sissy masochist. This is not something you come across every day but this is why I Iove the duo of Sadism and Masochism. You can use these two along with any other kink or fetish that you have.

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Looking so lovely phone sex

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You are looking so lovely in that new sissy outfit I have gotten for you. Do you know how lucky you are to have a domme mistress as nice as I am to you? Constantly giving you the nicest things to wear. Allowing you to be the little sissy slut whore you have always wanted to be.

Teaching you the way of the life. Making sure that you always knew how to act. How to dress how to behave. I have given you the sissy world on a platter. I even allow you to suck my big thick strap-on while you stroke that clitty of yours in order to cum.

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S word slip phone sex

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To you and I, the thought of curse words are in the back of our minds now as adults. Most of us utter at least one a day for whatever reason it may be. Perhaps you have missed your exit on the freeway and let the S word slip out.

Maybe you have locked your keys in the car and screamed FUCK as you banged your fist on the glass window as if that would make a difference. Most of us have a clear understanding of what the basic curse words are.

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