Your True Identity Phone Sex

Your true identity is feminine. Why do you try to hide it from me, knowing that I see through your “male persona” into your sissy heart? You look at bulges and dickprints when you’re out with your wife or girlfriend.

I watch you shifting your sissy stick as it responds to the thought of a big fat cock in your mouth or your boy pussy! Do you think that your love of cock is just going to disappear? It’s time to face the fact that you are a sissy boy cock craving girly.


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Sweet Sissy Play Phone Sex

Sensual Domination With Pandora 1 844 332 2639 ext 283

Sweet sissy play is one of my sensual domination sessions that makes me less harsh of a Mistress. Not every sissy wants to be talked down to. Every session is different in the way a caller might want their fantasy played out. I have a reputation of being a Harsh Mistress, however lately I have run into a lot of sissy girls and sissy babies that prefer nurturing girly time!

I can take any caller’s fantasy and make it as real as possible. Being dominant doesn’t mean you have to be harsh or rude. (Although some guys like that). This is for my dress-up dollies who like to get girly and have Mistress teach them what men like and how to be feminine. Their love for soft sensual lingerie sets the tone for our call or chat.


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The Feminization Of Aaron Stanford Phonesex Part 1

Pandora 1 844 332 2639 ext 283

Aaron was a teen boy obsessed with girls. He constantly went online, ogling girls and objectifying them daily. The poor boy was anchored to the computer, compelled to look at breasts and short skirts. His mother grew very concerned about his copious use of the internet, and the dangers that exist from boys going girl crazy. Mom decided they should go to a family counselor that came highly recommended.

At the therapist’s office, Aaron found himself shamed for dehumanizing girls. His mother stated her concerns about the amount of time he spent looking at girls, and how that would affect his future relationships with women. The therapist put her plan into action and told Aaron’s mother that he was to dress like a girl while using the internet to “curb his objectifying ways.”


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Sissy Son Gets Turned Out Phonesex!

Sissy son gets turned out! When I came home, you’re in my bedroom wearing my black thong and matching camisole bra. You don’t see me in the doorway, as I watch you posing in front of my boudoir mirror . You are feeling girly and sexy while posing in all different directions, while searching for some matching stockings. I’ve always wanted a daughter.

I took out my phone and started snapping pictures before you noticed I was there. You look amazing in those panties sissy son. Mommy is going to turn you out. I start forwarding the pictures to my big dick friends because we had a sexy night planned anyway. I had told you to go sleepover at your friends because Mommy was having company.Once you saw me taking the pictures, you got scared.


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JJ’S BBC Gets Sissified Phone Sex With Mama Cinnamon And Mistress Pandora PT 1

1 844 332 2639 x 283 Pandora or X 277 Cinnamon

Sissified with Mistress Pandora. Cinnamon’s son has a bisexual BBC. Last night, she brought me in on the action. I was waiting on his bed when she brought him home. ” Mama Cinnamon “decided it was high time that boy picked a side.” She’s “tired of all the bitches and dudes in and out of the house.”  As she closed the door behind them, his Mama stripped out of everything but her thigh-high boots. Therefore,She harnessed up and attached a fat 9-inch silicock. “Even big black cocks can be sissified, JJ “ I whispered in his ear.

However, what a shame that big, thick young black cock isn’t for me to enjoy. However, I don’t FUCK sissies, I TRAIN them. Next. it was time for me to strap up, because JJ was about to be completely spit-roasted by strap-on Mistresses. His mom had told me she was sick of his nonsense, and that anybody that sucks as much dick as him is definitely a sissy fag. She asked him if he was fucking EVERYONE in town because he was stretched out and sissified.


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Pillow Humping Loser Phone Sex

Pandora 1 844 332 2639 ext 283

So, this pillow humping fucking loser called me last night. And yes, it definitely WAS as pathetic as it sounds. He called to tell me that he had a “3-inch sissy stick”. The rest of the introduction was missed because I was laughing so hard. He told me he was a pathetic loser with no life and that I would see him coming a mile away. He explained that his three-inch thumbelina weenie sat right on top of his useless balls. I almost gagged.

SPH phone sex is one of my most entertaining specialties. Even though I don’t WANT to hear about your tiny useless prick, it’s in my job description to answer the fucking phone. Then the pillow humper told me about the “special relationship” he had with his satin pillowcases. I didn’t know whether to throw up or pass out laughing. While fucking his pillow, he started grunting and making pathetic sissy noises! I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard in a long time.


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Submissive Boys Phone Sex : An Open Letter

Mistress Pandora 844 332 2639 EXT 283

Dominants like me love submissive boys. We love to see what you’re made of and how you like to submit. Every submissive is different. Know that all of your obedient traits will be enhanced by me. Asking me for a domination session needs clarification. I will ask you a few questions to make sure that our session goes in the right direction.

I love to push boundaries, but if you are someone who does not serve men and only serves Mistresses I need to know. If you would like to explore serving actual dicks in our session, tell me if you want to do it willingly or if you would like a forced feminization experience. How far do you want to go today?


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Sissy Bitch Beta Boys Phone Sex

Mistress Pandora 1 844 332 2639 ext 283

Sissy bitch beta boys are practically worthless. I say almost worthless because they provide me with essential services. I’m always dripping with alpha creampies, needing to be cleaned, or surrounded by big black dick that needs to be fluffing. Know Your role underling! Mistress does whatever she wants and that’s a given. You also do whatever I want because (what a fucking coincidence,) I OWN YOU. I own you mentally and physically, and you couldn’t survive the big bad world without Me.

Being my prissy sissy pet gives your life meaning. You are lost in a world of Alphas and need my direction. Beta boys need she be surrounded by alphas at all times to be of even minuscule use. However, if a sissy bitch is well trained, they can be part of a sexual encounter. It’s just never THEIR sexual encounter because no woman would fuck a beta bitch instead of a real man.


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