Sissy reinforcement Hypnosis Phone Sex



So you think it’s something you can just walk away from?  Your sissy ways won’t just go away.  Now you’re asking me about why those hanging grapes are giving you some issues.

As I get you relaxed and as we are taking those steps down into total relaxation, I remember your whines.  Sissies don’t need boy parts.

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Do you believe in magic phone sex

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Yes, the magic of YOU!  You can be the girl you’ve always known you are.  

I’ll teach you how to pick out outfits that brings the fantasy of YOU out. Today a cutie pie girl; tomorrow a sultry woman to attract a different kind of man. 

We’ll shop together online and can choose specialty shops for you to shop at.  Hair is always fun to play with.  Wigs can transform your personality quickly.  

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Cindy Eatscock’s Coming Out Phone Sex


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This one sissy I have has taken forever to come on out.  She’s had every reason to have been out months back. This weekend I made it a task.  I called and booked a sleazy hotel room near the airport in her town.  

I’ve had her bitch ass on social media and she has had many hits.  Men actually wanting to fuck her or at the least fill her mouth with cum.  Enough is enough.  

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Sissy Slut Cindy’s Easter Outfit Phone Sex.

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We looked and looked for just the right dress.  Finally, at a vintage store, we found it.  Looking online we couldn’t find just what we were looking for.  I looked locally and she looked around her city.

She would send me pictures of things she found and I would send her some options I found.  

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Shopping with the Newest Sissy Phone Sex

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Sending my newest “Darling” in training to the mall for sexy lingerie is one of my favorite things.  First of all, it’s a big step to get to the mindset that you can comfortably go into the store at all.  

We take that first step together.  I’m on the phone and able to give support and encouragement if needed.  I have heard some different kinds of conversations while shopping.

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Not Every Sissy is Looking for a Thrill Phone Sex

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When Cindy came to me she had already become very popular at the local Glory Hole and had several lovers.  This is not what she wanted.  She wanted to learn to bring the woman out that she was sure deep within her.  

Take another look.  Someone just wanting to dress up and go for the thrills does not go through the steps you can see here.  Only a girl with real urges will do all she can to become the woman she feels.  Cindy on her own looks at skincare products but only buys after consulting with me.  Her skin has improved so much since adding the skincare regimen

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My Sissy Slut Is Growing Up Phone Sex

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My little sissy just loves to be bound whenever we play. At some point, I’ll have lil Cindy all tied up.
I went over to Cindy’s house, just a little 2 bedroom 1 bath cottage, and walked in.
She was dressed to the nines as a sissy should be.  Pink ruffled lockable dress, tights, her lil diapers. Makeup cover in soft pink, rosy cheeks, A blond curly wig. made her the perfect little faggot sissy for me. Tonight was our play nite out.

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Getting frilly with Olivia Phone Sex

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I will teach you to walk; talk and think like a Diva like me. We’ll shop the better places and get all the sexy panties, bras and other undies you need. We will get you a sexy wigsexy boobs too.

Every eye will be on that sluty body when you walk into the club (or the nasty porn store). With the hypnotic suggestions, you will know you are a hot bitch. All the boys will want some of that!

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Hypnosis Can Help The Sissy Transformation Phone Sex

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Sometimes when one decides to cross over to his sissy side; I find that hypnosis helps.  After talking over with me about the hypnosis aspects; we decided to move forward.  

Look closely at a pinpoint near your comfort spot and we will continue.  As we talk you will be asked to remember how good the girlie panties feel on you.  We find out what your turning point was.  It all comes out very effortless and we have fun doing it.  It all helps you relax and feel how this is the best feeling you have ever had; that everything is perfect.

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Off to the Glory Hole

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One of my favorite sissies sent me this photo earlier this year.  She sent it again recently along with her recap of her trip to the glory hole.  She was so excited to tell me all over again in our session.

Ordered Boobs Earlier

Those nipples try to poke through her little “t”.  We ordered them for her earlier this year.  She likes them huge, lol.  Men are drawn to big boobs for sure.  Finding the “t” online she showed it to me for approval before buying. Funny thing is; we ordered the boobs and waited and waited; no boobs.  Finally, after I helped her find what happened to them, we found out they had gone to her prior address!  Can you just imagine what those folks thought when they opened the box and there lay the biggest pair of boobs ever?

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