Time For Lessons Phonesex

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We need to have a bit of a conversation about how you’re going to be impressing me. I want you to make sure that you have everything that you’re going to need.

So the two of us are going to sit down and have a conversation about what you’re going to need for all of your lessons. Don’t be nervous.

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First Time For My Pretty Girl Phonesex

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I know you’re getting anxious. You’ve been pacing this house for the last few hours, but I promise that everything is going to go just fine.

All you need to do is exactly what we have practiced. You need to listen to me, because I will be here every step of the way.

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Cute, Tight, Little Ass Phonesex

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I’m an ass girl. Always have been. So when you brought your ass in here, in those cute little panties, begging me to use your boy pussy, there was no way I could resist.

I know you haven’t had a lot of training, other than the pathetic stuff you do at home along, so I will do my best to make sure that you get treated right.

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Prove You Can Be Like Me Phonesex

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You need to prove you can be like me before I even consider you to be a sissy. That means being able to do everything that I can do, and showing how much you love it. 

I have a few examples for you if you’re not sure on what you should be doing.

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I’ll Be Batman You Be Supergirl Phonesex

I have a confession to make to you. One that you might be a little surprised about. I like to dress-up too. Though my dress-up is a bit different than yours.

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My Sweet Little Baby Phonesex

I love it when you call. When you get on the phone and call me mommy, and want me to snuggle up to you and keep you safe. It makes me feel amazing to know that you want to be taken care of and I love doing it.

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Tell Me How Much You Want It Phonesex

I’ve seen the way that you stare at my boyfriend’s cock every time he comes over. I’ve even seen you looking through the crack in the door. So come over here and sit next to your sister so we can have a little talk.

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