Sissy Slut House Keeper wins Local Contest Phone Sex

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She was so excited when she made the top 10 finalists.  There was a week between the semifinals and finals.  I have to tell you I was pretty excited myself.  We had worked together getting her ready.  It was not just some little contest either.  There were over thirty contestants.

What made it so exciting is that this was her first time entering the contest.  

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Exposing a Panty Thief Phone Sex

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It seems lately that every time the weather changes I have an issue with my internet connection.  I finally called up and threatened to have my service disconnected if something wasn’t done.  I made the appointment and waited.

He was right on time; had to give them that much.  I started telling him how frustrating it was to have this kind of service.  He seemed shy; not wanting to face me.  That, of course, made me more curious as to his issue. 

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Being Girly is so for You Phone Sex

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I was at a club last night and I noticed this girl; I kept watching her.  Once she saw I was looking; she tried to avoid me.  There was something about her; couldn’t put my finger on it…..

Soon she walked over to me. She glared at me and said: “Lori will you please stop staring at me?  You’re making me very nervous”.  OH my!  A smile came to my lips.  Now I knew.  

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Sissy report Phone Sex

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I like hearing from my active sissies.  I like hearing the lust in their voice as they relay to me just how they spent time with their latest quest.

Yeah, a real sissy is in control just like a real woman.  If the sissy is trained correctly she has her pick of men; just like a woman.  

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Panties in the mail phone sex

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I love all my pantie boys, lol.  I love to hear their little sweet voices and how eager they are to tell me about their latest ventures.  I had one talk with me today that sounded just like I did back in high school.  He is so hot for the captain of the soccer team.

I told him when he asked my advice; girls get boys all the same way; whether they are born girls or reborn girls. 

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What are you gonna be for Halloween Phone Sex

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We’ve talked about this day for a long time.  Now it’s your turn.  Time to pull those sissy pants on and walk the talk.

Give it some thought. the one day in the year you can be you without calling attention to yourself. 

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My girlie housekeeper phone sex


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As I was passing my live-in housekeeper’s room I heard crying.  I looked in.  There she was sitting on the side of the bed with her hands in her face; crying.  After we worked through her issues of becoming the woman she wanted to be I had never seen her so upset.

She was still dressed in her sluttest outfit.  Seems her main man had dumped her.  I had to sit down beside her to get her calmed down.

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Learning to suck cock at Lori’s sissy charm school phone sex


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I teach all the steps to you being the nastiest, hottest, best sissy slut you can be.  The most important step is, of course, the one most sissies don’t have a clue about’

You can dress like you just stepped out of a hat box; know all the places to find a cock to suck, but if you can’t suck it; no need!  

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Lov’n a real sissy phone sex


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I always say I love someone who is true to themselves.  I love a real sissy.  Now you ask how are there more than one kind?  A true sissy doesn’t need to “fit in”.  A true sissy will stroll into the party and take over.  She is so sure of herself she doesn’t need to play games.  If you don’t like the fact she’s a sissy she could care less.

If she is in the mood to play dress up; she will but she doesn’t need to.  When she has sucking cock on her mind she will follow you right into the men’s room and into the stall and suck you dry.  

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Pimp time phone sex


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Sometimes the little bit of danger will have the sexiest outcome.  In the seediest part of town, where rent by the hour motels is.  You know where that is; they are in every town.  You’ve wanted to go.  Up until now, you’ve been too scared.  You’re going to do it tonight.  You’ll do it because I tell you to.

I take you to one of the motels, book you for the night.  I watch as you dress in your slutty outfit.  After putting on your make-up and adjusting your wig; I take your boy clothes and head out the door.

Driving away I think of the men who you’ll suck off tonight and take up your boy pussy.  Other than the ones pre-arranged, I will encourage you to seduce more.  It’s not the price of the blow job that’s important; it’s the fact of how cheap it is; showing you just how little you are worth.


844 332 2639 x 352