Shameful Sissy Boys Phone Sex!


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Sissy boys flock to me so I can boss them around while we have phone sex! They always sheepishly approach me and tell me about their secrets that they hide from their wives and girlfriends. I can’t believe how cowardly they are! Despite that, I do have a soft spot for sissy boys and their silly clitties.

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Office Temp Feminization Part Two Phone Sex!

Office Temp Feminization

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Catch up on our favorite office temp’s forced feminization situation by reading Part One of this story. Kathy and Alicia were sitting in Cynthia’s office listening to her ramble off all the repercussions that she could take if they don’t handle this appropriately. “Aaron, I mean Kathy, you do realize how hard it will be for you to find another job if I speak to your Temp Agency? I could tell them that you violated company rules and entered the office after hours. I could also tell them that you’ve been using our facility to conduct inappropriate workplace behavior by crossdressing and goofing around. You’re lucky that you’re a good worker… otherwise I would have no choice but to terminate you.”

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Office Temp Feminization Part One Phone Sex!

Office Temp Feminization Part One Phone Sex!

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Aaron is a young worker that recently landed his first office job as a Temp Worker. He was so nervous at first because it’s a mostly female company. Talking to girls has never been his strong suit. Luckily a coworker named Alicia befriended him. They ate lunches together where Aaron politely listened to her gripe about anything and everything. A lot of the women dressed nicely which meant Alicia and the other ladies often wore pantyhose. Alicia seemed to wear them every single day! She often complained about having to wear them so Aaron made the mistake of asking if wearing them was really as bad as women make it seem. Alicia was feeling devious and told Aaron that he should really find out for himself!

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Office Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex!

Office Sissy Humiliation Phone Sex!

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Aaron works in an all-female office which can be very distracting. He often struggles to focus on work because he’s busy admiring their fashionable outfits. The other girls love to secretly make fun of him behind his back. Two of them were standing at the water cooler while they watched him pretending to work in between glances. “Maybe he stares at us because he wants to dress like us!” Aaron overheard this and turned bright red. His blushing gave his secret sissy desires away.

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Playing With My Sissy Doll Phone Sex!


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I’ve always wanted a beautiful little doll. A toy doll is a typical gift that most parents give their daughters. Not mine! My parents gave me books, video games, and a computer. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I can’t seem to get over not having one. This is where you come in! I need a sweet sissy to play with. You’re going to be my precious sissy toy doll!

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Nasty Divorce Ends In Forced Feminization Phone Sex!

Nasty Divorce

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Aaron’s parents just went through a nasty divorce. He got to stay with his Mother and neither of them wanted anything to do with his Father. His Mother came up with an idea to prevent his Father from wanting to visit them. He is super transphobic so she told Aaron that he will have to dress up as a girl for a while. Aaron hesitantly agreed and started dressing and acting like a real teenage girl.

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Nylon Foot Job Phone Sex!

Sissy Nylon

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Seeing you in pantyhose definitely turns men on. They can’t get over how smooth your legs and feet feel when they finally get their hands on you. You keep catching them staring at your feet through your nude colored pantyhose. You have to be a good sissy and reward them with a nylon foot job. 

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Mandatory Pantyhose Wearing Receptionist Phone Sex!

Mandatory Pantyhose Receptionist

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It’s been a while since Kathy moved in with me so I told her that she needed to find a job to help pay her share of the rent and utilities. She applied to a few but got turned down. I forced her to take her feminization training more seriously so that she could pass as a woman and charm her way into a new job. She finally landed an interview for a Receptionist position in a family medical practice that is located in a small town about an hour away from here. The last line of the job posting was “It is mandatory that you wear pantyhose to work every day. It is part of the official dress code.”

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Floral Shop Surprise Phone Sex!

Floral Shop

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Aaron has been secretly working at my Aunt’s floral shop for a while now. He works some weeknights and weekends to give him a chance to be more feminine in his downtime. Aaron goes by the name Kathy while he works at the shop. My Aunt expects him to dress classy and beautifully for every shift. This means a fitted dress, nice jewelry, pantyhose, and sensible heels. Kathy’s hair and make-up had to be flawless too. All of this made her totally unrecognizable in case someone she knew came to the shop. Thank goodness for this because out of all the people she knew, Kathy’s mother walked in one Saturday afternoon.

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Boyfriend Turned ABDL Sissy Phone Sex


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I used to date a guy that was secretly an ABDL. Whenever he upset me, I would force him to wear diapers but I slowly took it further as time went on. I caught him looking at Sissy Hypno videos one night so I knew he also had a secret sissy side. I knew that he was going to be my adorable sissy baby girl whether he liked it or not.

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