Sissy Training Mistress Misses Punishment Phonesex

sissy training Mistress discipline punishment pain humiliation phonesex phone sex

Sadie 1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

Sometimes, being the best Sissy Training Mistress comes with its own special set of #AmazingMistressProblems. While others may have difficulty breaking their boys, I am very good at it, maybe too good, if such a thing can be true. My sissy slaves are just the most wonderful and obedient little bitches. Which is a wonderful thing. However, sometimes I really miss the chance to punish them. With this in mind, and knowing that my sissy slave only wants what I want, tonight is going to be punishment night.

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Submissive Sissy To Your Daughter and Me Phonesex

sissy slave maid step mom daughter domination daddy dad crossdressing

Sadie 1-844-332-2639 ext 222

Submissive sissy, The only reason I even started dating you was to get to your beautiful daughter. She is stunning and I see in her, so much potential to be a great Dominant Mistress. She only needs me to guide her. Maybe you have noticed how close we are getting. Surely, you have noticed that as we get closer that her attitude towards you has changed too. She’s not quite the adoring little daddy’s girl she used to be. And yet somehow watching her become more demanding and assertive feels right. Dominant women have ever been your preference.

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Miss Mona’s Object Insertion Phonesex

object insertionMONA MOANS 1-844-332-2639 EXT 316

Mona’s Object Insertion Games!

Hello, darlings. So, I was feeling particularly kinky this weekend. And, I am definitely one to play object insertion games. Maybe you want to explore and play a very freaky game of truth or dare with me? Seems like our next phonesex call is the perfect time to play with the sensual boundaries of our pleasure holes.

And, there are so many directions to go in. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We are playing Truth or Dare. Ask me some very filthy truths. I promise I will tell you every dirty detail. And when we’re bored of asking each other scintillating questions, it’s time to move to the main attraction of the game. The dares! How will we start this game? Are you just trying to stretch my holes to their absolute maximums? Or, maybe it gets your cock hard to dare me to insert items into my pussy that shouldn’t normally go there!

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Welcome To My Gothic Sissy Dolly Nightmare Fantasy Phonesex

Gothic doll sissy forced feminization creepy erotic horror nightmare dark fantasy phone sex phonesex

Sadie      1-844-332-2639 ext 222

For our third date, you receive a text telling you to meet me at Elvira’s Tea Room. Arriving at the address, you look at the worn, weather-stained, wooden door and curiously press it open. Inside is a beautiful Gothic little girl’s tea room. Lacy table clothes with soft pink bows on each swag hanging around the table. Crisp white linen, drapes the table under the lace, all the way to the floor. The walls are a cream and black, vintage velvet patterned stripe wallpaper. Black leather covered dainty little chairs tuck under the edge of the tables.

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Discovering The Secrets You Are Hiding Phonesex

hiding caught hidden secret phonesex phone sex sissy gurl humiliation domination

Sadie 1-844-332-2639 ext 222

You can’t hide your secret any longer. Your wife said I could drop by your house to pick up the punch bowl I needed to borrow. Whenever I used her key to open the door I certainly got an eye full! There you are sitting on the couch leaned back with a dildo down your throat. But that’s not all, is it? You also happened to be wearing the slutty lingerie that I got her for her birthday as a gag gift. I guess I just didn’t realize you would be the one gagging in it!

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Sissy Small Dick Humiliation Phonesex With Miss Mona

small dick humiliationMONA MOANS 1-844-332-2636 EXT 316

Small Dick Humiliation Phonesex At Its Finest!

Finally, small dick humiliation phonesex is my part-time job. It makes sense when you think about it. Because there are two things that make me happy. Degrading tiny dicks and making money for my luxurious lifestyle.

So, if you are sporting an inadequate miniature worm where a real man’s cock should be, call me as soon as possible. You deserve Miss Mona’s particular brand of small penis humiliation phone sex comeuppance.

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Sadie’s Sissy Maid Service Phonesex

sissy maid demanding strict phonesex phone sex

Sadie 1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

In the first place, Sadie’s Sissy Maid service offers the highest quality sissy slaves. Every morning there is a roll call. Every sissy maid reports to my office for their inspection and preparation before receiving their assignment for the day.

The duties of a qualified sissy slave are many and varied. Most of my gurls are in chastity cages to ensure that my control. Certainly what the client chooses to use them for is up to them. As a general rule, however, I find that sissy maids perform optimally when their pleasures are severely limited.

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Are You Playing In Mommy’s Panties Phonesex

Mommy panties caught masturbating son mom phonesex phone sex

Sadie  1-844-332-2639 ext. 222

There was a silence in the house that sends every mother’s suspicion soaring. Things were just a little too quiet. Making my way through the house I listened for any hint of where my son might be playing. His room was empty. Maybe he had gone outside? Then I heard the sound of my dresser drawer opening. That little sneak!

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Sissy Phonesex With Cuckold Goddess Mona

cuckold goddessMONA MOANS 1-844-332-2639 EXT 316

Mistress Mona is Your Cuckold Goddess

It must feel like a relief to have realized that your true place in life is serving a cuckold goddess. Perhaps it was a struggle for many years. Maybe you just woke up one morning and it clicked into place. However, you are home now. And I am ready to show you the path.

Because let’s be honest. You’re not a real man. You are a pathetic sissy cuckold. Nobody needs a tiny-dicked loser when there are true alpha studs. Your cock should be caged. And you will serve your Mistress through eager and enthusiastic cuckoldry. 

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Being Girlie At The Spa Phonesex

being girlieMONA MOANS 1-844-332-2639 EXT 316

Being girlie at the spa!

I love being girlie with a sissy. A sissy who knows that my forced feminization is the right path for their lives. And nothing reinforces sissification like a relaxing spa day. Phonesex can be the gateway to giving in to your feminine desires. Desires that begin with simply wanting to dress, smell and look like a woman and running the gamut to craving cock in all of your holes. 

However, no matter the point at which you find yourself within phone sex sissy training, a trip to the spa provides so many different ways to reinforce a sissy’s place in the world. I’ll dress you up in yoga pants and a hoodie to go there. And then we’ll go to the women’s dressing room together to get into robes. While we’re changing you can show me the silky panties you picked out to wear for your spa day.

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