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It seems like every submissive sissy wants to be a phone sex slut these days. It really is all the rage right now to be a Tomsin sissy. I can’t say that I blame them either.

Being a woman is SO much more fun than being a man. I wouldn’t give up my femininity for anything in the world. You’re envious that I was born with it, but you know what? I can help you become the submissive sissy you were always meant to be. And when your transformation is complete, you’ll be more beautiful than you probably ever thought possible.

Submissive Sissy

You’ll know how to put your wig on or style your hair, do your makeup and put your lashes on, walk in heels, and most importantly, you’ll know how to take a cock like a real slut. Every man is going to want to fuck you because you’ll be exactly what they have been looking for.

What do you think your sissy look will be like? Maybe you’ll go the normal route and pick out pink panties and red lipstick. You’ll look beautiful, of course, but maybe you should take a walk outside your comfort zone and play around with your look a little bit. You’ve got to have more looks in your pocket than just a classic look. Men like variety and the sooner you learn that the closer you’ll be to having men who would fall all over themselves to fuck you.

If you learn how to please a man and give him everything he wants, you might even get him to fall in love with you. That’s how good I am at sissy phone sex training. You’ll be the envy of every man and the object of hatred for every single woman in your town. Don’t believe me? Just trust me and let me transform you. What do you have to lose?

Lucy xx
Come find me at – 844-332-2639 xxx- 221