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Another sissy tale.

Mistress Randi has been in the middle of moving, and it hasn’t been a smooth move. Consequently, it has been a bit since My last posting. But I have a new story for you, from My sissy christina. Just a lesson girls, never under estimate the power of Me.

Enjoy girls, and send Me your stories, I always like to read them.

Mistress Randi

A sissy tale by: sissy christina

I love being a slut!

The other day I called Mistress Randi from my office at work. She had me put my pants around my ankles and sit on a dildo in my desk chair, ALL WHILE mY OFFICE DOOR WAS OPEN!

After making me “bump and grind” on the dildo for awhile, She made me call Cindy, my secretary, into my office to bring me something, while my pants were down and sitting on the dildo. I hid behind the desk, hoping She wouldn’t come around to my side!

Finally, Mistress Randi made me confess how much of a slut I am, and how I love to suck cock, and She wouldn’t let me whisper it softly – She made me say it using my regular voice.
Then She finally let me cum. It was great!