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Hello boys, or maybe I should say girls.  My name is Anita, but you can call me, Mistress Anita.  Why don’t we start with me telling you that I’m Mistress who needs her sissies to be obedient?  I enjoy the fine things in life, especially when it comes to shopping and pampering myself.
First of all, I have a huge collection of lingerie from all over the world as I am well traveled.  I would enjoy you telling me what panties you are wearing and describing them in detail…how they look, how they feel, and even how they smell.  I definitely need to know EVERYTHING about them.  The color, the pattern, cut, and especially how you feel in them.  Do girlie colors make you feel more girlie and feminine?  If you are not wearing panties, I may have a task for you to complete already.
Secondly, you and your kinky toys definitely spend some quality time together while you gossip about how badly you want your tight pussy hole to be filled like a slut that you are.  You love the intensity of being penetrated, and you love the feel of wet panties up against your clit.
Maybe if I’m in the mood, I might pull out my favorite strappy and show you what I do to sissies.  I can already tell that you want to see my luscious body thrust into you until you explode.  Maybe you can help me decide in which position I will Fuck you.
Therefore, as you quickly reach out for the phone to call me, I want you to think of the sexy outfit.  Get a vision in your mind.  I would like you to be ready to discuss all the girlie things with me.  You may also want to let me know if you enjoy sucking cock, simply because lipstick matters for that.  Call me to set up our hot session.  Also, keep in mind that you can email me to schedule your session with me.

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