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Don’t worry sissy, mommy is here to take care of her little angel. I know you have been waiting on me but mommy has so much to do sometimes. But, I am never to busy to be your mommy that is really important to me all the time to make sure you are taken care of 100%. I love the fact you have spent all this time waiting for mommy I am here right now to make your sissy baby dreams to come true! I love the fact that you want me to be here all the time for you.

I just want you to know that mommy was thinking about you all day the fun stuff we can do together like go to the park and play together in the grass with the little blocks so I can see the little things you make. If you make something I like I will give you goldfish and apple juice for a snack, if you don’t be a good boy I will send you to bed with no snack at all because it makes mommy mad that you don’t listen like a good little sissy boy I know you are!

So, are you going to be mommies good little sissy boy? I’m sure you wouldn’t call me in a grumpy mood would you? That will make mommy mad because mommy wants you to be a good little sissy boy as I have said before. Mommy little angel is what I love you to be! Call me now for a good time with mommy sissy! If you wait I might not be on and you will have to wait all over again. We don’t want that do we? Mommy wants her little angel taken care of and that’s what I aim to do at all times!

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