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A Girl’s First Love

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A girl’s first love MUST be herself. Being a woman comes with so much pressure and so many expectations. It can be very difficult to give yourself to others if you aren’t sure how to love yourself first. I love when a new sissy dials me up and asks if I can help them become more of a girl.

Mmm, such a beautiful opportunity for me. To take a blank canvas of a body and show her how to love herself as a woman. Sure, we can call it guided masturbation if you’d like. I so enjoy showing you how to take cock in your mouth as well as in your pussy. I get so excited to show you how to rub your clit through your new panties.

A Girl’s First Love


Most new girls are dressed when they call. As they pace, I can always hear their heels, so much anxious sexuality aching to burst free. Stand before the mirror for me and describe your body using beautiful words. I’ll guide you to touch, tease, and awaken your feminine body as we talk.

Your nipples stiffen, and I want you to tease them . First, rub and pinch them not just because I’ve said to but allow yourself to feel how your body responds. Most often, your clit begins to demand attention, but it will have to wait. Be patient as we explore this new body and try new touches. Spread your legs wide; I want you to trace up your inner thighs for me. Close your eyes and see yourself as you wish. Imagine your body changing under your touch. Hips are widening, your waist is cinching in,  and your beautiful breasts are swelling. Your hair is growing out to match your imagined thick eyelashes. Paint your face in your mind’s eye.

Are you wearing a smokey eye or more of a daytime look? Tell me who you really are. Show me who you really see.



Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270