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~ A little prissy phonesex~

Brown haired girl on a couch knees to her chest in a lime green bra and panties biting her finger looking at the camera

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224

Sissy sissy whose a little prissy? Sissy missy now your gonna PAY! HaHaHa did you like my little rhyme? Well good because I have another one for you. This is more than just a rhyme though yea this is more like a spell I’ve been working on. You should feel honored. I worked on this spell just for you! You told me that you wanted this life.

How bad you wanted to be a sissy queen. Then you backed out on me. Telling me your wife would never let you do it. That she would leave you. That your friends and family would never understand. You couldn’t risk everything just to be a sissy. Bwahahahaha WRONGO! You told me you were going to so I am going to help you keep your word.

A little prissy sissly slut

In the darkness, you seem to hide nothing more than your sissy side. Out in the light now all will see. The sissy side of you times three. Even when you try to hide no one will see your disguise. Sissy frills and dresses galore even when you’re dressed as the norm. No more hiding in the dark.

Your word you gave to me so you will keep your part! Now I don’t know if you meant to read that in your head but it’s too late now. All that spell takes is for you to read it. Either out loud or in your mind. You just did and now you’re worried. Don’t be. It’s time for the world to see who you truly are.

This spell can’t be reversed so think of it as a blessing or a curse. You decide. To explain it to you more or less even when your dress normally everyone will only see you dressed as the inside you wants to dress. In jeans in a nice button-down shirt might be what you have on, but that will see a nice dress bright and girly.

Your hair in a wig and dress up nice! A little prissy sissy is what they will see!

1-844-332-2639 EXT 224