You are such a sissy phone sex

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I have decided what you need. You are such a sissy mess that you really need is my help and that of another of my sexy girls to assist us. You need the two of us together. Do you realize how rare that is? That you are such a sissy that you require two dommes to get you in working proper order.

This can be very fun though. As it is two girl May and we are having a friendly competition. We wish to see who can gather the most two girl calls for the whole month. I know you want your mistress to be happy.

You are such a sissy what a good sissy does

You want me to have everything that I want. See that is what a good sissy does. They want what is best for their mistress. So since you know what you need to do there is no time to waste. I will tell you this, however. I will allow if you have not played with myself on a call or chat before I will allow you 5 minutes extra for free with me.

Do not turn down this kind offer. You want to beĀ good I can see that. You know that a good sissy would do as she is told. You need me and my friend to dress you in the most sissy thing we can think of. In this case, two heads are better than one.

Then we will pass you back and forth making you show us just how much of a girly girl you truly are. Any of my girls will do so I will leave this choice up to you. I know whoever you choose will be a great addition to the sissy fun I play to have with you.

What you need is me plus one so let us make that happen. Be a good girl. You are such a sissy.

1-844-332-2639 ext 411