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XXX  Collette  XXX  1-844-332-2639  ext 383

You have approached me because you have a little cross dressing fetish and I of course own a salon.  I’m the perfect match for you when it cums to getting all dolled up.  You want to be pretty?  I bet you do.  I bet you would like to be me, so feminine and perfect.  Most men want to fuck me because of that.  But it turns out that you are not a real man.  And for sure, you are not a real woman.  A little abnormal freak.

Let’s analyze this for a moment.  You go all out and put on this super expensive makeup, buy exquisite lingerie and get the funnest toys, but yet you still look like a man dressed up in a fucking costume.  Let’s talking about your tits.  Maybe you have enough to fill an A cup, but they certainly don’t look like mine.  They will never feel real, this soft and this perfect.  Of course the biggest giveaway of all….


You will never have luscious long hair, perfect feminine nose, a slim chin, beautiful lips.  Your hands?  LOL.  They will never be pretty like mine.  But let’s be honest for a moment.

You will never be a man.

But you can certainly do the things that women do.  Of course I’m talking about you being a whore, a bimbo.  There is always a big fat dick that needs to fuck a hole and you have several of those.

XXX  Collette  XXX 1-844-332-2639  ext 383