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Dear Little Sissy Slut PHONESEX

Mistress Noel <3 1-844-332-2639 ext 379

My dear little sissy slut.  Do you know what that mouth of yours is for?  It’s for worshipping my body, training on my strap on, and sucking real men’s cocks.

Come here and kneel down.  It’s time to put on your lip stick.  Lip stick is very important for a pretty sissy mouth.  There’s nothing hotter than a perfect lip stick ring around a hard-throbbing cock.

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Sissy reinforcement Hypnosis Phone Sex



So you think it’s something you can just walk away from?  Your sissy ways won’t just go away.  Now you’re asking me about why those hanging grapes are giving you some issues.

As I get you relaxed and as we are taking those steps down into total relaxation, I remember your whines.  Sissies don’t need boy parts.

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Your True Identity Phone Sex

Your true identity is feminine. Why do you try to hide it from me, knowing that I see through your “male persona” into your sissy heart? You look at bulges and dickprints when you’re out with your wife or girlfriend.

I watch you shifting your sissy stick as it responds to the thought of a big fat cock in your mouth or your boy pussy! Do you think that your love of cock is just going to disappear? It’s time to face the fact that you are a sissy boy cock craving girly.


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Lady Like Phonesex Etiquette with Feisty Wifey Felicity

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

A true lady always knows how to carry herself with poise and elegance. Even when sucking down a dick. It’s high time you showed Mama Felicity those etiquette skills, little Sissy.

Grab that cock, Mmmhm. Just like that. Hold out your pinkie like its tea time and purse your pouty lips like a good cock sucking slut. I don’t want to see any drool, no precum seeping out of your mouth. Be clean, be tidy and make him see the stars.

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Involuntary Gender Transformation Phonesex

Involuntary Gender Transformation Phonesex

844-332-2639 xxx 345

You’re now standing before me, ready to accept the fate that I’ve chosen for you. You realize that it’s too late to change your mind. There’s absolutely no possibility of talking yourself out of this one. Your involuntary gender transformation is happening now. This is the right choice. This is the best choice because I made the decision for you.

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Married Sissy Has a TS Crush Phonesex With Alexus


TS Alexus 844-332-2369 EXT 349

What’s a girl to do when a married man confesses that he has a crush on her? Fuck him stupid of course! Obviously his wife doesn’t have the equipment to please him, I might as well pick up her slack. She has no idea how cock hungry her sissy husband actually is!

What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her and I don’t hear any complaints from her husband. Especially not when he was cumming like a girl on my cock.

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Boyfriend Turned ABDL Sissy Phone Sex


Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

I used to date a guy that was secretly an ABDL. Whenever he upset me, I would force him to wear diapers but I slowly took it further as time went on. I caught him looking at Sissy Hypno videos one night so I knew he also had a secret sissy side. I knew that he was going to be my adorable sissy baby girl whether he liked it or not.

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You Look Cute In A Pair of Panties Phonesex

Madison (a.k.a. bratty Maddi)  1-844-332-2639  ext 359

Like c’mon, you sissy faggots with teenie tiny dicks are super duper fun to play with.  Hearing that quiver and whimper in your voice gets me off like cray cray.  I love messing with you making you weak as you whimper soft moans and say “Yes princess Madison” as you wait eagerly to see if I will let you cum…giggle.  It’s super duper fun when I can make you cum as a sissy as opposed to a real macho stud.  I’m not even sure why in this world you would ever thing that you have any chances fucking my barely legal tight pussy.

I just hope you’re good with your tongue at least.  I’m thinking that once you fluff a cock, you can smear his precum all over my barely legal tight twat.  Once I’m done with you, you will be hooked on my voice and on my ability to control you and your sissy clit. 

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You are such a sissy phone sex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

I have decided what you need. You are such a sissy mess that you really need is my help and that of another of my sexy girls to assist us. You need the two of us together. Do you realize how rare that is? That you are such a sissy that you require two dommes to get you in working proper order.

This can be very fun though. As it is two girl May and we are having a friendly competition. We wish to see who can gather the most two girl calls for the whole month. I know you want your mistress to be happy.

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Alyssa’s An Undeniable Sissy Phone Sex


ALYSSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 202

There is no use in trying to deny it. You and I both know what you really are. You can try to pretend you are a normal man. You can even hide your girly ways but it always comes through doesn’t it? You can’t hide the sissy part of you. It wants to come out. It needs to come out.

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