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Extreme Task Phone Sex

Lori 844 332 2639 x 352

Oh, yeah I’ll help you get rid of that worthless set of balls hanging between your legs.  No one is interested in fucking you and certainly, no one is wanting to reproduce with you.   Maybe get rid of that other piece of meat also. The only pleasure you get from it is your own calloused hands.  Lol, we should take it off right along with those worthless balls.

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Sissy Cat fight phone sex

~~~~Olivia~~~~844-332-2639 x 226~~~~

A few girlfriends and I were at a local club last night when we heard some loud yelling.  Looking over we could see a crowd was already forming.  We decided to check out what was going on. There they were, squared off face to face.  Seems the fight was all about, as usual, a man.  One had walked in to find the other one with her man.  

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Sister Gives Good Head Phonesex

Sweet lovin Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Kayla was lying across her bed, on her belly flipping through a SEXY teen magazine when she noticed her BROTHER walking past. “Hey! I wanted to talk to you for a minute. Can you come to hang out, in my room for a bit?” She called to him.

He was two years younger than his sister and growing into such a handsome young man. His long, lanky body was something all of Kayla’s girlfriends were starting to take notice of. This morning he was just in a pair of loose boxers. He ran his hand through his shaggy hair as he joined Kayla on her bed.

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Leashed Up Sissy Phone Sex

Mistress Pandora 1 844 332 2639 ext 283

Get down on all fours, leashed up Sissy! You’re my submissive little pet, and down there on all fours, you look the part. Now, let’s see if you have what it takes to BE mine. Don’t you want to serve Mistress the right way? Alphas like me have absolutely no use for you unless you take direction well. You will always be crawling.

Get used to it because you’re in the perfect position to service my boyfriend’s big black cock.You should never be standing up because you are not My equal. At this level, you can eat a cream pie or suck a dick. You can worship my perfect ass as well. You don’t need your own identity anyway. Now, you are linked to me and are a subset of my desires. The leash is simply a physical representation of our connection. Mistress to sissy.


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I Have The Dick You Need Phonesex With TS Goddess Alexus


TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

I have the dick you need. Let’s just stop with the games. We both know you’ve been prancing around the bush for far too long. Wanting something you are afraid to take can be the most pleasurable experience of your life. Cock’s like mine are always on your mind. You know you want to be with someone like me, stop hesitating and dive right in. The longer you wait, only denies you of pleasure untold.

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My sissy bitch phone sex

1-844-332-2639 ext 411

You have come a long way, my sissy bitch. You really are starting to embrace your new lifestyle. I see you so confident in your new place in my world. It pleases me that you have no hesitation when I tell you to do something now.

Now that you have been outted for who you truly are you have no place to go but deeper into the world of sissification. You know now that you will never return to the life you knew before me. At first, that thought scared you but now you are looking forward to it.

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Man Whore For Sale Phonesex

Man Whore

844-332-2639 xxx 345

I know a bunch of you sissy losers are lonely. You’re so desperate for love and attention. It’s really sad honestly. Don’t fret! I’ll let you have a piece of my man whore. He will let any loser fuck him. What’s that? You’re not “gay?” Lol! Just close your eyes and pretend his asshole is a pussy. Let’s be honest, this is the closest to a pussy that you’ll probably get any time soon!

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Floral Shop Surprise Phone Sex!

Floral Shop

Gianna 844-332-2639 ext 355

Aaron has been secretly working at my Aunt’s floral shop for a while now. He works some weeknights and weekends to give him a chance to be more feminine in his downtime. Aaron goes by the name Kathy while he works at the shop. My Aunt expects him to dress classy and beautifully for every shift. This means a fitted dress, nice jewelry, pantyhose, and sensible heels. Kathy’s hair and make-up had to be flawless too. All of this made her totally unrecognizable in case someone she knew came to the shop. Thank goodness for this because out of all the people she knew, Kathy’s mother walked in one Saturday afternoon.

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Your Dick Is Pathetic Phone Sex

Mistress Anita  1-844-332-2639 ext 288 

Mistress Indigo 1-844-332-2639  ext 345

So you are looking to spice things up, why not do it in a 3some.  Two girl calls extra naughty and add an extra dimension to your kinky fantasy.  Our favorite type of session is helping each other humiliate you, especially that pathetic thing you refer to as your dick.

Having two dominant women humiliating and belittling your already little dick is mind blowing and your dick will explode (not that it deserves to).  All we ask is that you fully submit to us.  It will all depend on our mood and how generous we are whether you will even be allowed to touch that useless clitty of yours.  Knowing our devious ways, we may tie you up and leave, while….

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Sissy Homework Phonesex


Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270  

Sometimes pushing a sissy out of his comfort zone is tricky. I’ve decided to give you sissy bitches homework and I expect to get the photo proof in my email when you follow through. The assignment comes in several parts.

First, you will go to Ulta or whatever beauty supply store is close to you. Go to Sally’s for all I care. You are going to pick out the reddest lipstick available. Candy apple, fire engine, whatever. I want it bright and bold and very, very RED.

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