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Boys Love Boobs Almost as Much As Sissies Do Phonesex

Pretty, blonde, MILF felicity cups her bar covered tits while kneeling.

Phonesex With Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

Boobs, tits, flesh bags, no matter how you identify them, you sissies are more obsessed with those mounds of jello than real boys are. Sure, maybe you are so crazy about them because you ache to have a sexy set of your own, but lately, that is all I have heard from my girls.

“I can’t wait to have breasts! Big, big ones!” What is it about those heavy breast forms that finally trigger your sissy senses into believing you’re a real girl?

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I Can See The Cock Lust In Your Eyes Phone Sex

*LUCY*  844-332-2639 xxx- 221

You have such a tiny penis – one of the only things I can think of to do with you is to get you all dressed up and teach you how to be a sissy. I’m pretty much the perfect woman to be giving you sissy training phone sex lessons. Sure, you could call a younger girl, but you really need someone who has had experience and knows how to dress and keep a man happy in the bedroom. A MILF like me is the perfect person to teach how to own a man. How to get what you want. How to be the perfect sissy.

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Baby Sissies Luv Panty Play Phonesex

Blonde teen laying on couch and pulling off white cotton panties for baby

SUZIE 1-844-33-CANDY x 263

I luv watching baby sissies play with my panties. They wanna be big girls so bad but they will never grow up!!! They are always gonna need lots of diapers and pink girlie baby clothes! Mommy told me that I have to make sure that all baby sissies stay in their diaper!!!

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Kayla Cumsalot’s Pretty Little Mermaid Princess Phonesex


Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

He thought to stroll the beach, several hours of daylight still hung in the multicolored sky as the sun slowly made its descent. He needed some space to clear his head. So many new changes were happening in his life all at once, and even though he felt as though he was drowning on dry land.

The still-warm sand squished between his toes as he listened to the waves lapping at the shore. The tide was slowly returning, and he wondered what mysteries lie beneath the ocean’s massive surface. However, as he neared the end of the beach where the water met the rocky seawall, he would soon come face to face with one of the ocean’s most magical mysteries.

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Sissy Husband Hot Tub Fantasy Phonesex With TS Alexus


TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

Several friends and I decided to go on a little road trip with no destination in mind. So we just drove until we got tired of driving and pulled over to spend the night at the swanky hotel on the side of the highway in a town we’d never heard of. The place had some kind of couples counseling convention going on and was super busy! Husbands and wives were bustling in and out of the rooms to group together in the hotel’s common areas.

My girls were exhausted and went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. So I grabbed my swimsuit and headed to the hotel’s pool area. Thinking the hot tub might help me relax enough to go to sleep. However, I wasn’t the only one thinking the hot tub was a good idea. When I pushed open the heavy door, a husband and wife were bumping and grinding in the tub!

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Arch Your Back Sissy Slut Phonesex with Felicity

Phonesex with Felicity 1844-332-2639 x 270

Arch your back, you little sissy slut. Now is the time you’ve been dreaming of. You have been training and taking all your sissy lessons, and now I’ve set up your test. It’s pass or fails, baby girl. So get on your knees and show me and this big bull how badly you want to take his Alpha dick in your little boy pussy.

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Vanessa’s A Very Well Behaved Sissy Phone Sex


VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

Joanna is my newest sissy slut in training. She is a prosecuting attorney in real life but wants to be a sissy miss so bad. I started her off slow. I instructed her to wear pink, lacy panties underneath her power suit. She giggled at the mere thought. Then I would progressively have her do more tasks to incorporate her new sissy status into her professional “man” life.

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Sissy Seductress Phone Sex

Red Head Pulling Off Black Lace Lingerie Teddy For Sissy

~Idun~ 844-332-2639 ext 369

I’m the Sissy Seductress of your dreams. You have been searching for a poised and beautiful woman to take you further with sissification or feminization. Whatever your goals may be, you will learn to be my good girl forever. You will not disappoint me because I’ll make you regret it if you do!

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Morgan’s Turnt Out Sissy Bitch Phone Sex



MORGAN 1-844-332-2639, extension 236

You’ve been wanting this for years. You kept begging and making a complete nuisance of yourself. Well, the time is now, sissy bitch. It’s time for you to face the music. You wanted to be queen for a day so let’s just make it permanent.

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Tom’s Twinkle Fuck Phone Sex


TOM 1-844-332-2639, extension 342

I met this little twink over the weekend. I could tell by his mannerisms that he would be a good fuck. He was slender and blonde and he kept staring at my crotch. He was literally licking his lips while gazing at my cock.

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