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Yoga For Cum Eaters


Kayla Cumsalot 1844-33-CANDY ext 357

Okay, all you cum junkies! It’s yoga time! You know that no matter how good of a slut you are, sometimes it’s impossible to find a good dick to suck. Either your wife is always around or your work schedule is crazy. So it’s time for some self-care! And by that, I mean training your body to be flexible enough to allow you to swallow your own cum!

First, let’s start nice and easy! Feet shoulder-width apart, and no bend forward. Good, good. Can you touch your toes? Do you feel that stretch in the back of your legs? Right in the hammies? We gotta loosen those babies up so you can throw those legs in the air and spray your own jizz on your face! Did I mention yoga for cum eaters should be done naked? No? Well, it is so GET NAKED!

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Gaping That Boy Pussy

ALYSSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 202

Gaping That Boy Pussy. Pegging a pussy takes a lot of energy. Sissy boys need a hard, relentless fucking. And that is exactly what your sissy ass needs. You are so needy and pathetic, sissy boy. With all of your twirling and giggling you really get on my last nerve. I don’t have time for your silly nonsense. Always seeking attention is what you do.

I have just the cure for your giggling silliness. Once you feel that big dick in you, you won’t be laughing anymore. I will go peg your ass until you know that I am serious. In fact, you will be begging for more. This is because you are a whore.

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Cock Sucking Lesson

cock sucking lesson

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402

Hello, my new sissy girl. You are brand new to this, aren’t you? Well, you have come to the right place. Sexy slut Zia is going to teach you everything you need to know to be the best sissy slut you can be because, let’s face it, that’s who you really are. One of the most important things to know how to do as a sissy slut is how to suck cock really well. I am going to give you a good cock sucking lesson right now.

The first thing I want you to know is that you can never get that cock too wet. The more spit, the better. Guys love it when the spit is running down your mouth as you suck that hard cock. You also need to remember that the balls deserve lots of attention, too. When you have that huge dick in your whore mouth, you want to use your hands as much as possible. Don’t ignore those beautiful balls, girl. Rub them, tickle them a little, and definitely suck on them. Take one ball into your mouth as a time and swirl that wet tongue around it.

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Summer Suck Off

MORGAN 1-844-332-2639, extension 236

Summer Suck Off – I already know what a prolific cocksucker you are. It’s a well known fact that you have an insatiable appetite for dick. So you might as well just admit it. You are a dirty little cock whore. Everyone already knows, so why keep trying to hide it? Just look at those dick sucking lips of yours. Admit it, you can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. You have more suction than Dyson.

Once you start sucking I’m sure you will beg for more. It’s in your nature to crave cock. You crave cocks 24/7 don’t you? Every time you meet a new man you are staring at his crotch. You perv on every cock you encounter. Just admit the fact that you are a complete faggot.

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Sissy Masterpiece

VANESSA 1-844-332-2639, extension 232

A Sissy Masterpiece is something that can only be achieved through great attention to detail. There is just something so delightful in transforming an aspiring sissy into the perfect sissy bitch. In my opinion this is something that should be done with great care and concern. One of my very favorite things is teasing and humiliating a naughty sissy. The fact is that most sissies are so high strung and full of drama that I just can’t help watching them overreact and work themselves into a tizzy.

l have always loved to tease and torment sissies. When they whine and cry it just urges me on to be even more cruel in my demeanor and in my punishments. But, naughty sissy boys secretly love this kind of treatment. The reason for this is that they already know they deserve to be held accountable and disciplined. I am just here to help.

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Sexting Your Mistress Beside Your Wife

TS Alexus 844-332-2639 EXT 349

Sexting is fun, right? A discreet way to be so very naughty. The best thing about people being obsessed with their smartphones is no one suspects you to be typing dirty things to your Mistress while on your phone. Everyone always has their face pointed into their cells. You can be anywhere as I tease you for being a panty-boy.

Out for drinks with the fellas, and my words pop up on your screen. A panty check? How embarrassing. Did you install that privacy screen I told you about? You better get that done so I can tease you and remind you what a slut you are for me as we sext with you sitting beside your wife. Her feet are kicked up after a long day at work, and she thinks you’re relaxing with her.

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Hot Girl Summer With My Girlfriends

hot girl summer with my girlfriends

Zia 1-844-33CANDY ext 402

Girls, it’s officially summer now. It’s heating up outside and us girls are beginning to dress skimpier, wearing things like short skirts, sundresses and bikinis. I want to have a hot girl summer with my girlfriends and that, of course, includes you.

You should definitely have lots of hot girl summer clothes in your wardrobe already. If you don’t, we’re going to need to go shopping. It is imperative that you know how to properly dress for summertime and that when you do, you feel super girly and slutty. You love feeling girly and slutty, after all. I know you feel your absolute best when you’re wearing something frilly, flowery, or slutty as fuck.

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A Craving For Summer Sausage

WILLOW 1-844-332-2639, ext. 230

You and I have something in common, sissy boy – A craving for Summer Sausage – What I really want  is cock and more cock and so do you. Of course, I had this figured this out from the beginning. I had this sissy cousin who informed all about sissy sluts. He modeled everything he did after me because he wanted to emulate me. So, a sissy slut basically wants to be me. A sissy wants to be hot and attention getting. She wants to be the center of attention at all times. The innate desire to be the “belle of the ball”. can completely take over. But, why does she want to be the hottest little number and the best little cocksucker?

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Barebacking Just Feels Better

TOM 1-844-332-2639, extension 342

Barebacking just feels better. This is the kind of riding you want at this rodeo. I used to ride the circuit back in the day and I’ve fucked my fair share of cowboys. The funny thing is while most of them are homophobic and try to act super macho, a lot of them are closet faggots.  You wouldn’t believe how many sissy cocksuckers are hiding behind a tight pair of wrangler jeans and a big rodeo buckle. Everyone already knows that I am an alpha male and I’ve also fucked a lot of buckle bunnies, but why would I want to limit myself to pussy when there is so much boy ass to fuck? You crave this kind of raw sex don’t you?

I have never been shy about sharing my sexuality or my cock. I’m confident and I have no taboos. If I feel like fucking it, I will. Rawdogging a newbie is always fun for me.

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Sissy Snatch Looks Better In Pantyhose

HONEY 1-844-332-2639, ext 300

Sissy snatch looks better in pantyhose. So, you might as well accept the fact that you will be wearing pantyhose. I don’t care how hot it is this summer. You will slip those hose over your shaved legs. I want those legs to look so fucking smooth. Just look how soft they make your legs look. You could even pass for a real woman when wearing them. I’ve never thought a man was less masculine because of some pantyhose or lingerie. In fact, it takes some balls to do that sort of thing.

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